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Islamic Heritage Month

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Islamic Heritage Month

Each October, Islamic Heritage Month provides an opportunity for the Muslim and non-Muslim communities to honour the diverse roles and valuable contributions made by Muslim people in Canada and around the world.

HWDSB values the important contributions of Muslim-Canadians to the social, political and economic fabric of our local, national and international communities. Through education, and by sharing positive stories, we can continue to learn about Muslim heritage and celebrate diversity of our community.

The pandemic is a time of uncertainty, but also a time to understand and value one another. In the news this week, we have seen a disturbing example that reminds us that threats against Muslim people continue. These incidents must be confronted by our wider community. Threats and Islamophobia must stop.

We remain committed to equity and inclusion. This vital work will help keep all students and staff feeling safe, supported and accepted.

Together, we can learn about each other. As we learn together, we grow together.

Updated on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.
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