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HWDSB Students and Staff Recognized by BASEF at 2022 Event

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HWDSB Students and Staff Recognized by BASEF at 2022 Event

The Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF) is a regional event that allows young people to explore their interests in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). It is an exciting opportunity for students to show off their work while gaining recognition for all their efforts.  

Annually, the fair attracts around 500 participants from grades seven to 12 across the Halton, Hamilton, Haldimand County, Norfolk County, Six Nations and County of Brant areas. BASEF is free to participate in and over $300,000 in cash, trips, and scholarships are awarded every year. 

View HWDSB’s winners below and click the project names to learn about their submissions. 

Student Name   Level   School   Project Name  Awards Won 
Bashir, Isra  Senior Level (Grades 11/12)  Westdale Secondary School  Sweet! – Integrating glucose and ketone testing to improve efficiency in the treatment of diabetes 
  • Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research Grand Award 
  • Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Award 
  • University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship Award 
  • Gold Merit Award 
  • ISEF Trip Award 
Chzhen, Maria  Senior Level (Grades 11/12) 


Westdale Secondary School  Multiple factor regression analysis of vegetation changes and land degradation in drylands 
  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco Environment Award 
  • Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) Award – First 
  • Canadian Nuclear Society (Golden Horseshoe Branch) Awards – Intermediate or Senior 
  • Dillon Consulting Biological Sciences Award 
  • Association for Women Geoscientists Award 
  • Ricoh USA, Inc. Award 
  • Laurentian Chapter of SETAC Award 
  • Geography Award 
  • Mohawk College Mathematics Awards – Senior 
  • Gold Merit Award 
  • ISEF Trip Award 
Bagnall, Amelia  Junior Level (Grades7/8) 


Ancaster Meadow  Muffin Mania  Bronze Merit Award 
Cook, Hailey 

Lessa Fratini 

Junior Level (Grades7/8) 


Ancaster Meadow  Solar Cars: Creating The Future  Bronze Merit Award 
Cuff-Chartrand, Geoffrey  Intermediate Level (Grades 9/10)  Ancaster High  Designing a new stair climbing robot  Bronze Merit Award 
Easo, Alex  Junior Level (Grades7/8) 


Balaclava  The Importance of Clean Water and Water Filtration  Chemical Institute of Canada (Hamilton Section) Award 
Gaston, Edward  Junior Level (Grades7/8) 


Ancaster Meadow  Making Biofuel from Renewable Energy Sources 
  • Canadian Nuclear Society (Golden Horseshoe Branch) Awards – Junior 
  • Chemical Institute of Canada (Hamilton Section) Award 
  • Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award – Second 
  • STLE Tribology/Friction Reduction Award 
Johnson, Katelyn  Intermediate Level (Grades 9/10) 


Westdale Secondary School  Immortality and Regenerative Medicine: What We Can Learn From the Immortal Jellyfish 
  • The Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton, Health Research Intermediate Award 
  • BASEF Inspiration Student Awards 
  • Silver Merit Award 
Johnson, William  Junior Level (Grades7/8) 


Guy B. Brown  Quantum Tunnelling Covid-19 Infection  Bronze Merit Award 
Kang, Alex, 

Zanganeh, Daniel 

Junior Level (Grades7/8)  Ancaster Meadow  Solar Powered Car  Bronze Merit Award 
Kefel, Ali  Senior Level (Grades 11/12) 


Westdale Secondary School  Quantum Tunneling in DNA  Bronze Merit Award 
Saravanan, Rakshan  Junior Level (Grades7/8) 


Ancaster Senior  Remote Learning and Social Anxiety in Teenagers During the Covid-19 Pandemic 
  • Dr. Laura Blew Social Sciences Award 
  • Bronze Merit Award 
Vinoth, Alfred 

Vinoth, Alrick 


Junior Level (Grades7/8)  Ancaster Meadow  Future Evolution of Homo Sapiens 
  • BASEF Inspiration Student Award 
  • Silver Merit Award 
Young, Carter  Junior Level (Grades7/8) 


Flamborough Centre  Kyub Quest 
  • Gowlings Innovation Award – Honourable Mention 
  • Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award – Third 
  • Ola Lunyk-Child Memorial Health Science Award – First 
  • Mohawk College Computer Science & Information Technology Excellence Award 
  • Procor Engineering Award – Junior 

basef teacher awardsCongratulations to all the HWDSB student participants, along with all other BASEF participants! Continue to learn and find your passions in the ever-growing STEM field, as your futures will be bright.

This year, HWDSB also has the privilege to celebrate an educator from Farmborough Centre School, Hilary Millington. BASEF recognizes teachers who display the ability to empower and excite student interest in science, and who promote BASEF involvement.  

Millington’s nominator writes, “I am nominating Ms. Millington for the Champion Teacher Recognition Award because she continues to inspire me, support my vision, encourage both my academic and emotional growth and shows that she is always there for me and all of her students.” 

The Champion Teacher Award includes induction into the BASEF Champion Teacher Hall of Fame, and an award of $500 to use for the winning teacher’s classroom. Congratulations to Hilary Millington on this wonderful achievement! 

For more information about BASEF, visit its website. You can also watch a recording of the award ceremony here. 

Updated on Wednesday, July 27, 2022.
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