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2024-25 Executive Council Update from the Director

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2024-25 Executive Council Update from the Director

As we close the doors on 2023-24, I am excited to share plans that will poise HWDSB and Executive Council for continued success in 2024-25.

As you know, we launched our new Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) and Board Improvement Plan earlier this year. Both HWDSB plans are grounded in our Mission: to ensure that all students experience a deep and meaningful sense of belonging while engaging in dynamic learning, so that they are best prepared to build their own futures. To achieve these ambitious goals, we must continue to change and evolve as needed, including the Executive Council. 

HWDSB’s organizational structure strengthens learning and achievement outcomes at a time when we are intentionally shifting our focus to a culture of improvement. The updates we are making for the 2024-2025 school year will allow Senior Team members to provide effective support to Families of Schools focused on our shared commitments to well-being, Truth and Reconciliation, human rights, equity, anti-racism, and collaboration with students, families, staff and communities. We are pleased there are no changes to Executive Council membership, but community members should note the following updates. 

2024-25 Family of Schools (FOS) and Leadership Portfolios 

  • Gerry Smith will move from Superintendent of Student Achievement for FOS 1 and Safe Schools to the new title of Superintendent of Safe, Compassionate and Equitable Schools.  
  • FOS 1 – Paul Denomme will move from Superintendent of Equity, Mental Health and Well-Being to Superintendent of Equity and Student Achievement for FOS 1 and continue leading the Mental Health and Well-Being portfolio.  
  • FOS 2 – Adnan Shahbaz remains as Superintendent of Equity and Student Achievement for FOS 2 and continues to oversee HWDSB’s Leadership Strategy.  
  • FOS 3 – Simon Goodacre will continue as Superintendent of Equity and Student Achievement for FOS 3 and lead the development of a Student Data Strategy.
  • FOS 4 – Nicole Lee, Superintendent of Equity and Student Achievement for FOS 4, will welcome System Alternative Education and Supervised Alternative Education into her portfolio. 
  • FOS 5 – Lindsay Snell will continue as Acting Superintendent of Equity and Student Achievement for FOS 5 and now lead our new School Improvement Strategy, K-12 (previously “CLI”). 
  • Estella Jones will continue as Board Mathematics Lead and welcome Community and Continuing Education (CCE) into her portfolio in the new title of the Superintendent of Equity and Quality Instruction in Mathematics, K-12. 
  • Jason Alexander will continue to lead Human Resource Services and Staff Well-Being as Executive Officer, with the division now reporting to the Director’s Office.  

With these updates, please note that all FOS superintendents will have their titles updated to Superintendent of Equity and Student Achievement. Members of Executive Council not mentioned in this message will not see changes to their portfolios heading into the 2024-25 school year. 

Noting that consistency for school communities is integral, there is only one change in the FOS list of schools. École Élémentaire Michaëlle Jean, currently in FOS 3, will move to FOS 1 ahead of the 2024-25 school year.  

Executive Assistants 

This summer, Michelle Baker, currently an Office Administrator at James MacDonald Elementary School, will join FOS 4 as Executive Assistant to Nicole Lee. Kathleen Hussey will move to support Gerry Smith as the Executive Assistant for Safe, Compassionate and Equitable Schools. Further, Meshel Baines will move to support both Michelle Lemaire and Estella Jones in their respective leadership areas. 

HWDSB Organizational Charts 

These changes to the Executive Council organizational charts begin to take effect August 12, 2024. Updates to the Senior Team page on the HWDSB website will occur in August when changes start to become official.  

Enjoy the final week of the school year! I look forward to officially bidding farewell to 2023-24 by sharing a last-day-of-school message to students, staff, families and community members later this week.  

Warmly yours,

Sheryl Robinson Petrazzini
Director of Education

Updated on Monday, June 24, 2024.
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