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Confirmed COVID-19 cases associated with the Education Centre

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Confirmed COVID-19 cases associated with the Education Centre

Update (December 29): Hamilton Public Health Services (HPHS) declared the outbreak over at the Education Centre. 

On December 18, Hamilton Public Health Services (HPHS) assigned an outbreak designation for the Education Centre (20 Education Crt, Hamilton) as a result of three staff members testing positive for COVID-19. All impacted staff associated with these confirmed cases have been notified as a close contact.

The City of Hamilton updated its Status of Cases in Hamilton to reflect the location as an outbreak.

The Education Centre is considered a workplace as an administrative building and not a school.

According to the City of Hamilton’s website, “An outbreak of COVID-19 is identified by the City of Hamilton when two or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 can be linked to the workplace (e.g. same work area, same shift) within a 14-day period and it is likely that the infection was transmitted in the workplace.”

As per the Ministry of Education direction, the confirmed cases are not recorded on the HWDSB COVID-19 Dashboard.

Similar to our approach in a school, an outbreak designation is viewed as a supportive measure where public health provides additional assistance. HPHS continues to investigate and a dedicated team is working with public health to manage this public health designation.

The Education Centre remains open to staff, although a working from home program is in effect. The Education Centre has been closed to the public and only accessible by appointment since schools reopened in September.


Updated on Tuesday, December 29, 2020.
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