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Daily Screening must be done before attending in-person school. Learn more.

Posted on Monday February 8, 2021 @ 09:00 AM

Enhanced Screening Protocols

On January 20, 2021 the Ministry of Education announced enhancements to the daily screening process for visitors, staff and secondary students. (There is no change to elementary student screening.) The enhancement requires on-site confirmation of self-screening and validation of a passed screen, prior to or upon arrival to school.

Visitor Screening

  • We will continue with existing Visitor process. A Visitor is anyone who is not on staff at the school and may include other HWDSB staff e.g. itinerant, facilities, occasional, etc.
  • Daily COVID-19 Screen
  • Note signage: “You Must Screen Before Entry and Report to the Main Office if You Pass the Screen”
  • The Office administrator should provide a copy of the screen and ask the visitor “did you pass the screen?”
  • If the visitor passed, the office administrator will complete the Visitor Sign In sheet. Visitors should not be completing the Sign In sheet themselves as the screening information should remain confidential
  • If the visitor did not pass they are asked to leave the building.

Secondary Students Screening (there are no changes to elementary screening)

  • Students must complete the provincial screen at home.
  • Students are only to attend school if the screen indicates that they can attend school that day (green check mark). Students are asked to take a screen-shot of the results.
  • Upon entry to the classroom, the student will show the classroom teacher the results of the screen. Note, please don’t ask students to line up before entering the class. We wish to avoid students gathering in the hallways. The results can be checked once students are seated if needed.
  • Students who have not completed the provincial screen will be asked to complete the screen upon arrival and to share the results screen with the classroom teacher.
  • Any student who refuse to complete the screen should be asked to see an administrator.
  • If a student’s screen shot shows a red X and “do not go to school”, the teacher should follow the Student Becomes Symptomatic or Fails the Screen During the School Day Protocol and the principal or designate will escort the student to the isolation room.
  • Note: Public Health does not require the results to be saved or retained by the school

Secondary Students in Self-Contained Classes

  • Teachers are asked to work with parents/guardians on establishing an approach to communicating completion and passing of the screen daily. The parent should complete the provincial screen while the student is at home.
  • Where a student is unable to share the results of the screen with the teacher, the parents/guardian is asked to provide this daily confirmation through other means (e.g. daily communication log, paper copies of the screen sent to school daily.

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