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Continuing Education

Summer Co-op

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*** The decision to allow the 2021 Summer Coop program to go ahead is currently under review. ***

Continuing Education‘s Summer Co-op program (Calendar Summer Coop 2020 v2 ) gives current secondary school and adult students the opportunity to gain one or two Co-op credits in the summer.  Placements can be prearranged with an employer or arranged with assistance from Continuing Education and are restricted to HWDSB regional boundaries. 

STEP 1 - Get Info

A) Get the Calendar: Calendar Summer Coop 2020 v2

 B) Go to the Information Session:  Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at Hill Park Secondary School auditorium.

STEP 2 - Apply

*BEFORE YOU BEGIN*: The following document needs to be printed completed, signed and scanned: Parental Consent Form 2020

Summer Coop Application Form

STEP 3 - Pre-placement

Mandatory Pre-placement course opens May 11, 2020 and close June 8, 2020, this course takes about 15 hours to complete.

To access the HUB -> https://myhome.hwdsb.on.ca

STEP 4 - Placements

Hospital or SPCA Summer Coop Placements: To apply for these positions please see Student Services and ask for Central Placement Summer Coop Application forms. The application for these placements close April 15, 2020.
NOTE: The immunization screening process must be started immediately if you are interested in participating in hospital placements.

Summer Coop 2020 Unpaid Community and Business Positions – All employer names prefixed with and * have summer positions available for students.

Employers INFO:  –  Coop Handbook for Employers and Supervisors

STEP 5 - Confirm Placement

PLACED: If you have a confirmed placement please complete the form below and submit.


NOT YET PLACED: Please continue to contact employers you might be interested in doing your placement at during the summer.

Updated on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.
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