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Continuing Education

Summer Co-op

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Continuing Education’s Summer Co-op program allows current secondary and adult students to earn one or two Co-op credits during the summer.  Placements are restricted to HWDSB regional boundaries and students are responsible for finding their own placements.

For Summer Co-op inquiries email summercoop@hwdsb.on.ca

Download Calendar:   Calendar – Summer Co-op 2022 FINAL

To participate in the Summer Co-op Program, please complete ALL steps below:

Information Session (recording available)

The (On-line) Summer Co-op Information Session happened April 12, 2022, at 7 p.m., a recording of the material covered can be viewed at: https://hwdsb.tv/media/summer-coop-information-session-april-12-2022/

STEP 1 - Register - by May 6 -- REGISTRATION CLOSED

Complete the on-line Registration Form for Summer Co-op.

SUMMER CO-OP REGISTRATION FORM (you must be signed in with your @hwdsb.on.ca email account to access/complete the form)

Summer students 16 years and over are welcome to register – (limited options available for placement for students 14 and 15)

NOT AN HWDSB Student?  1] Please register with HWDSB; 2] Receive your Username and Password;  3] Submit a Co-op program registration.

STEP 2 - Complete MANDATORY Online HUB Pre-placement Course - May 9 to June 6

Mandatory Pre-placement course in the HUB opens May 9, 2022 and closes June 6, 2022. This course takes approximately 12 hours to complete and must be complete before students can participate in Summer Coop, as mandated by the Ministry of Education. Suggested due dates for all lessons are posted on the announcements page in the course.

To access the HUB -> https://myhome.hwdsb.on.ca

STEP 3 - Prepare Resume - May 9 to May 16

Lesson 2 in the Summer Coop pre-placement HUB course outlines how to prepare a resume and prepare for an interview.

STEP 4 - Search for Placement - May 9 to June 10

Students have from May 9th the June 10th to find a Summer Coop placement. Click right>  Summer Coop Job Board, for a list of employers interested in placing HWDSB students for the summer.

If you need assistance finding a placement access a placement coach by emailing summercoop@hwdsb.on.ca

STEP 5 - Finish Online HUB Pre-placement Course- (May 9 to) June 6

Students have from May 9th to June 6th to complete the Coop Preplacement course in the HUB. This course takes at least 12 hours + to complete and suggested due dates are posted on the HUB course announcement page.

If you have not completed the preplacement by June 6 please email summercoop@hwdsb.on.ca  with reasons why.

STEP 6 - Confirm Placement - by June 10, 2022

PLACED: If you have a confirmed placement please complete the form below and submit.


NOT YET PLACED: Please continue to contact employers you might be interested in doing your placement at during the summer.  Deadline to confirm you placement is June 10, 2022.  For assistance contact a placement coach by emailing summercoop@hwdsb.on.ca

STEPS 7, 8 and 9 - Attend Orientation and Placement

Orientation Day on July 4, is from 9:00am to 2:00pm and all students will meet in the auditorium at Hill Park Learning Centre.

For Summer Co-op inquiries email summercoop@hwdsb.on.ca

Students are limited to choose ONE Summer Credit program each year.

Updated on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.
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