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Continuing Education

On-line Learning

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On-line learning is a method through which Secondary School credit courses are delivered over the Internet.  Individuals seeking to earn high school credits can register to take any of our teacher guided on-line courses.

On-line Night School

A self guided, fully on-line high school credit program, with 2 evenings of tutoring assistance if required.

Eligible HWDSB Secondary School students (see your Guidance Counsellor for details) must register through Guidance at YOUR SCHOOL

On-line Summer School

Earn a credit over the Summer with our 4 week fully on-line learning platform. Registration will open in early May.

For Secondary School students full course descriptions and course prerequisites are available on www.hwdsb.on.ca/coursecalendar

Helpful Links for On-line Learning students

Logging into the HUB – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/logging-into-the-hub-2

Submit an assignment – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/submitting-an-assignment

email from D2L – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/sending-email-within-the-hub

Call 905-561-2190 for more information.

Updated on Thursday, December 29, 2022.
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