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Continuing Education

ESL SUMMER School (Adults)

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Join us for Summer School 2021!  Registration is coming soon!

Improve your English during the summer and be ready to move forward in September!

Day Program: July 5 to July 31, 2021

Full day summer school courses are offered on-line.

Our program offers something for everyone!

  • Canadian Language Benchmarks 2-7
  • Improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Receive feedback and build your knowledge using the Portfolio Based Language Assessment System

Registration & Assessment

  • Complete this brief on-line application: Coming soon!
  • A Site Coordinator will contact you after you complete the form.
  • Contact us, we can help you!  Email us at adultesl@hwdsb.on.ca


No materials fee for On-Line program

If you are a visitor to Canada, email us at adultesl@hwdsb.on.ca


Must be 18 years of age or older

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Information on language training

All our courses are designed on the Portfolio Based Language Assessment model. Most of the classes are based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). The CLBs are the standards used in Canada in language learning and teaching. The Benchmarks describe what a person who is learning English can do at in different situations at home, at school and at work.

“I can statements” https://www.language.ca/index.cfm?Voir=sections&Id=17369&M=4038&Repertoire_No=2137991327 

Self-assess your language skills https://www.language.ca/index.cfm?Voir=sections&Id=17885&M=4032&Repertoire_No=2137991327

Updated on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.
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