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Continuing Education

OSSLT Preparation Program

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Pencil on paper with OSSLT as words.

Our unique after-school OSSLT Test Preparation program is designed to help students pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

Are you worried about the OSSLT Test?

This after-school program is designed to prepare the student body for the required OSSLT exam. Students who need help or who do not feel comfortable with the academics needed to pass the test – can now get help.

What is OSSLT?

OSSLT stands for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. The OSSLT is a quality assurance measure that shows the extent to which Ontario students are meeting the minimum literacy standard expected by the end of Grade 10.

The OSSLT test assesses the reading and writing skills students are expected to have learned across all subjects as outlined in the Ontario curriculum.


Students MUST pass the OSSLT to graduate high school – minimum required mark is 75%.

If you feel you need help, talk to your Principal or Guidance Counsellor about the After School OSSLT Preparation course and get the help you need!

How are we doing so far?

Our Continuing Education Student Improvement Programs have tremendous success with improving the academic skills of struggling students. Parents, students and instructors all concur that the after-school student programs work effectively.

What do people say about our programs?

“Excellent program; highly effective.” -Parent

“I have more confidence; I can do the work; I am not nervous now.” -Student

How to Get Started

The After School OSSLT Preparation program is 10 sessions long. Classes are normally an hour and a half and run outside the regular school day. This program is typically offered at HWDSB Secondary Schools between January and March – please contact your child’s school for the details of their program.

The Principal, in consultation with teachers and parents, will identify students eligible for the after school OSSLT Preparation program.

Together we can help struggling students become extraordinary students.

After School student improvement programs are dependent upon securing sufficient student enrolment in classes.


Nahren Shamoka, Manager, Literacy/Numeracy Programs
Continuing Education – Hill Park Learning Centre
Phone: 905-561-2190
e-mail: [email protected]

We help you – help students!

After School OSSLT Preparation Courses are FREE!

Continuing Education Literacy/Numeracy Programs are Ministry funded and support the day school program by offering after school or summer instruction that is explicit, focused and targeted where students can improve their literacy and numeracy skills in an innovative environment.

Principals and Vice-Principals along with staff work closely with Continuing Education to determine how to best take advantage of these valued learning opportunities for our HWDSB students.

Continuing Education offers thanks and appreciation to all HWDSB educators who access the numerous modules and wishes them continued success as we strive for improved student performance and positive relationships together.

Updated on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.
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