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Thank you for your interest in registering with Continuing Education (CE).

As we are a school within HWDSB and our programs are funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Education, the same documentation rules apply when registering for Continuing Education programs as for Elementary or Secondary School.  These registration rules apply to: all credit programs, International and Indigenous Languages Programs, all Literacy & Numeracy programs.

I am/My child is a current HWDSB Elementary / Secondary / Continuing Education Student

If you are/your child is an active student with an HWDSB Elementary or Secondary School or if you are currently active with Continuing Education HWDSB, you can choose CE programs for which you are eligible by completing “Program/Course Selection” documents.  Instructions/forms/on-line forms can be found on program pages on this site.  If you have been redirected here from a program page, please use the “back” button to return to that page.

HWDSB Secondary Students progressing to Continuing Education HWDSB Adult Program are required to complete New Student Registration process to join Continuing Education HWDSB

I am NOT/my child is NOT a current HWDSB Elementary or Secondary Student

If you/your child is not an active student with HWDSB, you are required to complete the “Student Registration” process detailed below in addition to program registration.

STEP 1 – Complete the Registration process on-line – you will need to submit documents for verification.

Required documents include:

    • Proof of age/Canadian Citizenship (birth certificate, baptismal certificate or passport);
    • Proof of address – identification that shows parent/guardian/student’s current home address (the following are acceptable: CURRENT agreement of purchase and/or sale, CURRENT utility bill, CURRENT property tax bill. CURRENT Home phone/cable/internet bill, CURRENT Lease agreement – NOTE: Driver’s License is NOT acceptable)
    • Verification of date of arrival into Canada/immigration documents (if the student was not born in Canada)

Complete the Form – see notes below

    • For Credit Summer School, Night School/Credit International Languages, Adult On-Line Night School and Adult Day School – For Grade, choose “Mature Student“; choose school “Continuing Education Secondary
    • For Summer Reach Ahead, Summer Skill Builder and all International Languages Elementary programs – choose school “Continuing Education Elementary

STEP 2 –  Once your eligibility is confirmed, Continuing Education staff will provide you with a link so you can select your program/course.  In some cases school approval is required for program registration for Elementary and Secondary School Students.

English Second Language (ESL & LINC) , Literacy & Basic Skills (LBS) and Strings Program have different registration rules.  Please see appropriate program page for details.

Updated on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.
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