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Summer Reach Ahead

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Public registration for Summer Reach Ahead 2024 will open April 1, 2024.  HWDSB students can choose a Reach Ahead On-Line course in XELLO during the 2024-25 Course Selection period.

Our Summer Reach Ahead programs provide an opportunity for students to take their compulsory Civics and Careers (credit) courses in the summer before they start Grade 9.  

Courses are offered on-line using “the HUB”.  Teachers will book on-line “Office Hours” one hour each day on MS Teams.  These half credit courses are equivalent to 55 hours of in-class time each.

Summer Reach Ahead Program

Program Dates: July 3 to 15, 2024 (Civics), July 16 to 26, 2024 (Careers)

Options:  Students can take either course or both half-credit courses. Civics and/or Careers are available in English and French.

Tutoring:  Real-time support for On-Line courses will be available on MS Teams for one hour each day, teachers will notify their students of “office hours”.

Assessment Deadlines: Final submission dates for all course work and quizzes will be July 15th for Civics courses and July 26th for Careers courses.

The package below contains additional information for students about the program and key information to get started:

Welcome Package will be available soon

About the Civics Course

Dates: July 3-15, 2024

CIVICS (POLITICS) from the 2013 REVISED Canadian and World Studies, Ontario Curriculum document

Politics involves the study of how societies are governed, how policy is developed, how power is distributed, and how citizens take public action. The Grade 10 course Civics and Citizenship focuses on civics, a branch of politics that explores the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the processes of public decision making, and ways in which citizens can act for the common good within communities at the local, national, and/or global level. By focusing on civics and citizenship education, this course enables students to develop their understanding of what it means to be a responsible citizen and to explore various elements of the citizenship education framework.

Civics and Citizenship provides opportunities for students to investigate issues of civic importance, the roles of different levels of government in addressing these issues, and how people’s beliefs and values affect their positions on these issues. Students will analyse the roles, responsibilities, and influence of citizens in a democratic society and explore ways in which people can make a difference in the various communities to which they belong. Students are encouraged to clarify their own beliefs and values relating to matters of civic and political importance and to explore ways in which they can respond to these matters.

Civics and Citizenship introduces students to the political inquiry process and the concepts of political thinking. Students will develop ways of thinking about civics and citizenship education through the application of these concepts and will use the political inquiry process as they gather, interpret, and analyse data and information relating to issues of civic importance. Students will make informed judgements and draw conclusions about these issues and will develop plans of actions to address them. This course supports the further study of politics in Grades 11 and 12.

About the Careers Course

Dates: July 16-26, 2024

CAREERS from the 2019 REVISED CAREER STUDIES, Ontario Curriculum document

To prepare students for the future, it is necessary to empower them to take an active role in finding their path in the world of work and the community. With the rapid pace of technological, social, and cultural change in today’s global economy and with new understandings of what a career looks like in this context, it is more important than ever that students be supported in their transition from secondary school to their initial post-secondary destination, whether in apprentice-ship training, college, community living, university, or the workplace. Thoughtful and intentional education and career/life planning that involves both parents* and educators is essential in ensuring that students make well-informed decisions as they look ahead. It is also important that students learn about the fundamentals of financial management, so that they can be informed about and responsible for the implications of their decisions, and better managers of their own lives.

The revised Career Studies course will enable students to consolidate and share what they have learned in the four areas of learning of the education and career/life planning framework – Knowing Yourself, Exploring Opportunities, Making Decisions and Setting Goals, and Achieving Goals and Making Transitions – at a key time in their education. While exploring the career opportunities that are available to them, their own interests, values, and goals, and their particular pathway options, students will also learn about the skills, strategies, and resources that can help them adapt to change and challenges and become lifelong learners.

Other Important Information

Keeping up with work:  Each day throughout the course, there will be an assignment due for submission (Monday to Friday).  It is important for students to keep up with the work each day and to contact their teacher if they are having difficulty.  Students who have not submitted work by the end of the day July 9th will be automatically removed from the Civics Course, similarly, any student who have not submitted work by the end of the day July 22nd will be automatically removed from the Careers Course.

Behaviour:  Students enrolled in Summer Reach Ahead Programs must make every effort to complete both in class and homework assigned to them.  Any lost time and / or assignments must be reconciled with their teacher.  Students must be respectful of their teachers, fellow classmates and all other support staff assigned to the program.  Parents will be contacted by the teacher and / or Principal should there be any concerns.  Students may be asked to leave the program if there are any concerns.

Support:  There are no Special Education Resource Teachers available to assist with program modifications / accommodations.  Every effort will be made by the teacher to support and enhance the learning of each student.  Identified students with Individual Education plans are welcome to attend with the above understanding.  HWDSB is committed to protecting your personal information.

Please refer to the “Welcome to Summer On-Line Learning 2024” package for additional information (package will be available in late May 2024).

How to Apply - HWDSB Students

NEW OPTION for 2024 – HWDSB School students can choose a Summer Reach Ahead course for July 2024 in XELLO – this will be available until your 2024-2025 course selection period closes. How to choose a Reach Ahead On-Line course in XELLO

The COURSE SELECTION FORM OPENS APRIL 1 and CLOSES AT 8 a.m. ON JUNE 10, 2024 (you must be signed in using your @hwdsb.on.ca account to access/submit the form)

Deadline for application is June 10, 2024 at 8 a.m. 

How to Apply - NON-HWDSB Students

Grade 8 students from outside HWDSB will need to:

Step 1: REGISTER AS AN HWDSB STUDENT  – do this now!  Deadline: midnight June 3rd with all required documents provided – NO EXCEPTIONS

Step 2: Once you receive confirmation that you’ve been registered as an HWDSB Student and have received your @hwdsb.on.ca email address and password, complete the COURSE SELECTION FORM (opens April 1)  before 8 a.m. ON JUNE 10, 2024  You must be signed in using your @hwdsb.on.ca account to access/submit the form

Technical Support:  To report an issue: CLICK HERE – issue with my course – will be active on July 3rd or to request a password reset: CLICK HERE – Password reset or need my username

Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel, relocate or revise delivery model (on-line/in-person) of programs.  Confirmations for programs and notices of cancellation will be sent the week of June 17th.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Continuing Education – Hill Park Learning Centre by e-mail at [email protected]

Updated on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.
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