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Continuing Education


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CE Hill Park Learning Centre
MAIN OFFICE Continuing Education
465 East 16th Street
Hamilton, Ontario L9A 4K6
Telephone: 905-561-2190
Fax: 905-561-2582 
CE City Learning Centre 
110 King Street West, Plaza Level
Suite 601 (ESL & LINC)
Suite 606 (Credit and Academic Upgrading)
Hamilton, ON, L8P 4S6
Telephone: 905-525-8833 (ESL & LINC)
Telephone: 905-526-9337 (Credit & Academic Upgrading)
CE Parkway Learning Centre
140 Centennial Parkway N.
Hamilton, ON, L8E 1H9
Telephone: 905-573-0941
Fax: 905-573-7109


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