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Sherwood Transition

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Sherwood is temporarily located at 75 Palmer Road, while its permanent facility is renovated.

We invite students, families, staff and community members to learn about this transition in the updates below.

A Transition Committee including Sherwood students, parents/guardians, and staff has formed to support the transition of students between sites throughout the duration of the Sherwood renovation project.

Transition Committee Meetings:

November 15, 2022:

October 18, 2022:

September 13, 2022:

July 21, 2022:

June 28, 2022:

June 16, 2022:

June 1, 2022:

June 17: Sherwood Transition Update

June 7, 2022: Update on Sherwood Transition

April 28, 2022: Preparations Underway for Sherwood Transition

Mar. 29, 2022: Media Release: HWDSB Trustees Respond to Community Voice in Sherwood Decision

Mar. 28, 2022: Board Meeting agenda

Mar. 11, 2022: Trustees give preliminary endorsement to Sherwood Option Two

Mar. 10, 2022: Sherwood Secondary School Update report at Finance and Facilities meeting.

Feb. 23, 2022: Survey Open on Future of Sherwood Options

Feb. 22, 2022: Virtual Information Session #2 on the Future of Sherwood Secondary School, Feb. 22

Feb. 10, 2022: Submit questions about the process and options for Sherwood, Feb. 10-20

Feb. 10, 2022Virtual Information Session #1 on the Future of Sherwood Secondary School

Jan. 25, 2022: Update on Sherwood Accommodation Consultation


Updated on Monday, November 21, 2022.
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