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Option Sheet Information 2024-2025

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2024-2025 Sherwood Course Guide

Your questions regarding course selections should be answered after reading the Course Selection Instructions and watching the instructional videos below.
Course selection for current students will take place through Xello for the 2024-2025 school year. The option sheet below is for informational purposes only. You will not be submitting a paper copy. Options should be submitted by March 1st at the latest. Guidance and Student Success will be coming into classrooms (including Grade 8 classes) to help pick options for next year.
Guidance Counsellors
Ms. E. Grilli, Last Names: A – Fe
Ms. K. Vander Vliet, Last Names: Fi – M
Mr. S. Sloan, Last Names: N – Z
Ms. E. Church, SHSM and eLearning Counsellor

Course Selection Instructions

Gr 9 option sheet 24-25 (Information Only – Not for use)

2024-2025 Option Sheet (Information Only)

Grade 9 & 10 Option Selection

Grade 11 & 12 option Selection

Updated on Thursday, February 01, 2024.
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