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Trustees give preliminary endorsement to Sherwood Option Two

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Trustees give preliminary endorsement to Sherwood Option Two

At the March 10 Finance and Facilities meeting, Trustees in attendance passed a motion to endorse one of the accommodation options for the future of Sherwood Secondary School.

The motion endorsed Option Two, which would see Sherwood students move temporarily (approximately two years) to the former Barton site (75 Palmer Road) while Sherwood is renovated, then move back into an enhanced Sherwood building.

The motion follows an extensive public consultation process, in which students, staff, families and community members attended information sessions and completed a survey on their preferred options for Sherwood’s future.

You can learn more about the options considered, various factors that will go into the final decision, and more on the Future of Sherwood web page. We have also posted the March 10 meeting’s agenda, staff presentation and video recording to this page.

The committee’s motion still requires Board approval on March 28. Before then, Trustees will also hear from delegations on the topic of Sherwood on March 22.

Updated on Friday, March 11, 2022.
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