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Grade 8 Student and Parent Resources

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Information Presentations

2024 Option Sheet Night – This presentation outlines information around Pathway planning, Graduation Requirements and selecting courses for high school online through Xello (our centralized course planner program)

French Immersion Information – This presentation goes into detail around our French Immersion program offerings as well as information around the DELF


Option Information

For students attending Sherwood in September from one of our feeder school (listed below) options must be entered online via Xello (Online course planner). This can be accessed via the following steps.

    1. Access the HUB here https://hwdsb.elearningontario.ca/
    2. Select the “waffle” (9 Square icon) at the top of the page
    3. Choose a course (typically your students grade 8 class will be designated by teacher name)
    4. At the top of the page there should be several Icons – Select the one labelled “Xello”
    5. On the Right side of the page there will be header “Goals & Plans” and under that you need to click on “Course Planner”

Gr 9 option sheet September 2024 – This is a hard copy just for reference


Important Dates

  • February 5th – Options open for selection on Xello
  • February 20-29th – Sherwood Student Success team will visit Feeder schools to go through option selection
  • March 1st – Option selection closes on Xello
  • March 1st – Out of Catchment applications process closes *Sherwood Currently Closed to OOC Applications* See Below for more information
  • March 11-22 – Family confirms course selections via Parent Portal
  • April – Progression meetings (Sherwood team meets with feeder school teachers to discuss support plans for incoming grade 9 students)


Other Important information

Tour and Course Offering information

Students Currently Attending Associate Elementary Schools:

Registration and course selection will be facilitated by the Elementary Schools. 

Sherwood Associate Schools Include:

Franklin Road Elementary School
George L. Armstrong Elementary School
Highview Elementary School
Huntington Park Elementary School
Lawfield Elementary School
Lisgar Elementary School

French Immersion:
Eastdale Elementary School
École Éleméntaire Michaëlle Jean
Frank Panabaker Elementary School
Lawfield Elementary School
Norwood Park Elementary School
W.H. Ballard Elementary School

If you do not reside in Sherwood’s catchment area:

Note: Sherwood Secondary is currently closed to Out of Catchment applications. Please refer to the Out-of-Catchment process.

If you are attending a Non-Associate Elementary School, within our catchment, looking to Register for Grade 9 in Fall 2024:

  1. Check that you are within Sherwood’s Catchment Area on the HWDSB website: Find A School
  2. Complete the online HWDSB Registration Form (you must create an online account)
  3. Complete an Option Sheet: Option Sheet
  4. Complete the Media Consent Agreement (within the Parent Portal; post registration)
  5. Collect copies of the documents listed below:
    • Proof of Residence (One of the following: Current Lease or Deed, Current Utility Bill, or Property Tax Bill)
    • Proof of Age (One of the following: birth certificate, passport)
    • Proof of Citizenship (if born outside of Canada)
    • Most Recent Report Card
    • If Applicable:
      • Copy of I.E.P.
      • Copy of S.I.P
      • Copy of B.S.P.
      • Additional information required for Assessment Centre Applicants (Any Students coming from a Non-Ontario Ministry Accredited Schools)
      • Proof of Citizenship/ Landed Status/ VISA Payment, etc. processed by Assessment Centre.
  6. After you have collected and completed the above documentation contact the Student Services Office at 905-383-3377 Ext. 4355.  
Updated on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.
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