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Bell Times

8:00 AM - 2:30 PM

French Immersion

French Immersion is available.


Angela Ayeni - 905-383-3377 | Email


Jennifer McGilchrist, Greg Dailey | Email


Simon Goodacre - 905.527.5092 x 2304 | E-mail Simon Goodacre


Kathy Archer - 289.339.0587 | E-mail Kathy Archer


Ms A. Ayeni, Principal

Ms J. McGilchrist, Vice-Principal

Ms S. McNeill, Vice-Principal

School Council Chair

Deborah Simon

Administrative Office Staff

  • Mrs. B. Smith – Office Administrator
  • Mrs. K. MacDonald – Accounts Administrator
  • Mrs. S. Milazzo – Office Assistant
  • Mrs. C. Podedworny – Student Services Office Administrator
  • Mrs. K. Bouchard – Office Assistant

Our School

Sherwood Secondary School is located on the East end of Hamilton Mountain. The school is the center of the Sherwood Heights Community. Our school has a long-standing tradition of offering excellent educational programs supported by wonderful co-curricular clubs, sports and teams. We offer a broad spectrum of educational programs, which includes one system level Developmentally Delayed classrooms and both Junior & Senior Graduated Support programs which prepare higher functioning Special Needs students for the greatest level of independent living after completing their secondary school experience. We also have the full spectrum of provincial curriculum from Locally Developed Compulsory Credits through University entrance courses.
Sherwood has several new and innovative programs in Cosmetology, Dance and our new Specialist High Skills Major in Health and Wellness. We have a strong connection with our community. Over 300 of our students participate in our Co-operative Education Program. Sherwood Secondary is also involved in several System Level Programs for Students in the H.W.D.S.B. Our staff have developed and implemented programs in Health Care at the Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation and excellent Athletic programs including focus courses in our Hockey Canada Skills Academy, soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Programs & Services

Student Success Supports

  • Alternative Education
  • Transition to Work Experience
  • Locally Developed Compulsory Courses
  • Credit Recovery
  • Transition to Grade 9 Mentoring
  • Co-operative Education
  • HEAT(Healthy Eating Advisory Team)

Program Highlights

  • Specialty athletic programs in basketball and volleyball
  • Hockey Canada Skills Academy
  • SHSM- focus on Health Care and Fitness
  • Technology courses in electrical, auto and construction
  • Communication, drafting and computer classes
  • Environmental Science
  • French, Spanish, Italian and German
  • Repertoire Ensemble
  • Dance program
  • Guitar and keyboarding classes
  • Ceramics Courses
  • Cosmetology Programs

Extra Curricular Activities


  • Graduation
  • HEAT- Healthy Eating Advisory Team
  • LMBM- Let me be me
  • Math Society
  • SAINTS-Student Ambassadors Introducing Newcomers
  • Social Justice
  • Stage Crew
  • Student Council
  • Arts and Drama Club
  • Repertoire Ensemble
  • Before/After School Program or Activities

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Field Hockey
  • Art Night
  • Track & Field
  • Coffee House
  • Music Trip
  • Soccer
  • Music Night
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Rugby
  • Waterpolo

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

Sherwood Secondary School has a wide variety of educational programs.

Our School Improvement Committee, Directions Planning Team, Parent Council and Professional Learning Community have worked on developing and providing educational programs specific to the needs of our students.

We have a balanced program that has curriculum from Locally Developed Courses through College and University preparation programs.

Our Technology Department has several students who are enrolled in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program.

The Sherwood School Community is involved in researching and changing literacy practices, which have meant that our school’s literacy scores have increased significantly in the past four years.

Environment Focus

Safe Schools
Data from our Safe School Survey and the Tell Them From Me questionnaire indicate that the vast majority of our students feel that our school is an equitable and safe learning environment.
Our School Improvement Committee, Directions Planning Team, Parent Council, Staff and students use our data to address environmental issues such as graffiti.

School Environment
Our school environmental club and Arts students have refurbished the open air environment in our two courtyard and the exterior grounds of the school. Several of our senior level Art students have also painted murals in each of the school’s corridors.


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