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School Council

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2021/2022 School Council meeting dates

First meeting of the year:   Tuesday Sept 21st at 7pm

Meetings for 2021/2022 – (Third Tuesday of the month):
Oct 19th
Nov 16th
Jan 18th – Cancelled due to inclement weather
Feb 15th
Tuesday April 12th**
Tuesday May 10th **
June 14th (tentative)
**Due to a School Council member having a conflict in their schedule, School Council has agreed to switch April and May’s meeting dates from the third Tuesday to the second Tuesday of each month.  New meeting dates are Tuesday April 12th and Tuesday May 10th.

If you wish to join the meeting, please email Saltfleet School council at saltfleetSC@hwdsb.on.ca to request the information to join or with any questions!

Contact us at saltfleetSC@hwdsb.on.ca

Meeting Minutes:

Saltfleet Minutes April 2022

Saltfleet Minutes Feb 2022

Saltfleet Minutes Nov 2021

Saltfleet Minutes Oct 2021

Saltfleet Minutes Sept 2021

Saltfleet Minutes (June 2021)

Saltfleet Minutes (May 2021)

Saltfleet Minutes (March 2021)

Saltfleet Minutes (Jan 2021)

Saltfleet Minutes (Nov 2020)

Saltfleet Minutes (Oct 2020)

Saltfleet Minutes (May 2020)

Saltfleet Minutes ( Feb 2020)

Saltfleet mintues (Nov 2019)

Saltfleet Minutes (Oct, 2019)

Saltfleet Minutes (Sept, 2019)

School Council Handbook

School Council Handbook

Saltfleet By Laws:

Saltfleet Bylaws – March 2020

School Council Members:


Christy Wallingham & Ann Sisak
Secretary: Kara McCaughen

Parent Representatives:

Billy Dhillon
Bob Ellis
Heather Ewings
Ross Gibson
Trish Gibson
Susi Owen
Robyn Patchev
Diana Rodgers
Sue Zdero

Roles and Responsibilities

1.1 The School Council shall act in an advisory capacity to the principal and to the Board and/or senior staff in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Board and of the Education Act and Regulations.

1.2 In addition to its advisory responsibilities, the School Council shall:

  • promote the best interests of the student body, school and community
  • establish its goals, priorities and procedures
  • determine the need, and organize information and training sessions to enable members of the Council to develop their skills as Council members
  • hold a minimum of four meetings per year (all meetings. shall be open to members of the school community)
  • communicate regularly with parents and other members of the community to seek their views and preferences with regard to matters being addressed by the Council, and to report on the activities of the Council to the school community,

1.3 In all School Councils, parents and guardians shall form the majority, except in adult day schools, where parent positions shall be held by students. It is expected that the membership of the Council will reflect the diversity of the school community.

Meeting Times:

Meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday in the Saltfleet Library at 7:00 p.m.

All parents are welcome.

Updated on Thursday, May 12, 2022.
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