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Healthy Living, Mental Health & Community Resources

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Parents for Education – how to help your child succeed.

Exam prep and study tips

Please check out this Powerpoint for helpful Exam study tips!

Saltfleet Exam Prep

MH Lit: Student Mental Health in Action Test and Exam Stress management

Test and Exam Stress: Strategies to Perform at Your Best Lesson Plan

Test and Exam Stress: Strategies to Perform at Your Best Student Journal

Strategies to Perform at Your Best Parent/Caregiver Handout


Exam/test stress blog


Parents for Children’s Mental Health

PCMH is the only Provincial, family-led, nonprofit organization that provides a voice for families who face the challenges of child and youth mental health issues. PCMH provides support, education, and empowerment by linking networks of families, communities, agencies and government. All family members and caregivers are welcome to attend meetings for support and information.

For more PCMH information and resources, please visit www.pcmh.ca,  email us at [email protected] or call 905-536-9323.

Mental Health Support Resources

Saltfleet Learning Resource Newsletter (hwdsb.on.ca)

HWDSB Mental Health and Well Being

Mental Health Resources


Home – Anxiety Canada

Students – School Mental Health Ontario (smho-smso.ca)

Dental Programs & Services in Hamilton

Please refer to the following document for a list of the Dental Programs & Services in Hamilton.

Dental Programs and Services December 2018

Financial Support Catalogue

The Basic Needs Work Group of the Hamilton Best Start Network identified government and other resources available to low-income families to help with their basic needs.   Please see attached catalogue.


“What Teens Need Most from Their Parents”, article Wall Street Journal

WSJ Article, Parents & Teens

Healthy Living:  Healthy Eating, Sleep, Activity

Mental Health Articles

Partnership for Drug-free kids

Resource Guide on Health Services Available to People without OHIP


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