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Visual Art

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Welcome to the Visual Arts Department


Ms. Deans (Department Head)  
Ms. Kowalski

Grade Nine Course

AVI1O1  Visual Arts, Grade 9, Open

This course offers an overview of visual arts as a foundation for further study. Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials through working with a range of materials, processes, techniques, and styles. They will learn and use methods of analysis and criticism and will study the characteristics of particular historical periods and a selection of Canadian art and the art of other cultures.
Prerequisite: None

Grade Ten Course

AVI2O1  Visual Arts, Grade 10, Open

This course emphasizes learning through practice; building on what students know; introducing them to new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic thinking and experimentation. Student learning will include the refined application of the elements and principles of design, incorporating the creative and design process, and the relationship between form and content. Students will also learn about the connections between works of art and their historical context. Course objectives may be achieved either through a comprehensive program or through a program focused on a particular art form (eg. drawing, painting).
Prerequisite: None

Grade Eleven Courses Offered

AVI3M1  Visual Arts, Grade 11, University/College

This course provides students with opportunities to further develop their skills and knowledge in visual arts.  Students will explore a range of subject matter through studio activities, and will consolidate their practical skills.  Students will also analyse art works and study aspects of Western art history, as well as art forms from Canada and other parts of the world.
Prerequisite: AVI1O1 or AVI2O1

AWQ3M1  Photography, Grade 11, University/College

Introduction to black and white photography. This course teaches you how to us a 35 mm SLR camera; how to properly expose black and white film; developing black and white film and printing photographs in the dark room.
Prerequisite: AVI1O1 or AVI2O1

Grade Twelve Courses Offered

A VI4M 1 Visual Arts, Grade 12, University/College

This course focuses on the refinement of students’ skills and knowledge in visual arts. Students will analyse art forms; use theories of art in analyzing and producing art; and increase their understanding of stylistic changes in modern and contemporary Western art, Canadian (including Native Canadian) art, and art forms from various parts of the world. Students will produce a body of work demonstrating a personal approach.
Prerequisite: AVI3M1

AWQ4M1 Photography, Grade 12, University/College

This course introduces new and advanced techniques in the dark room; including multiple exposures and combination prints. Digital manipulation of the photograph using Photo Shop software will be explored.
Prerequisites: AWQ3M1

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