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Important Dates / Week @ a Glance

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Week at a Glance

Week At a Glance Nov 27-Dec 8

Week at a Glance Nov 20 – Dec 1

WEEK at a Glance Nov 13-24

Week at a Glance Oct 30-Nov 10

Week At A Glance Oct 10th-Oct 20th

Week At A Glance Oct 6th-Oct 13th

Week at a Glance Oct 16 – 20th

2023-2024 Key Dates 

HWDSB Secondary Calendar

October  – School Council meeting   School Council info & meeting dates

October 23 – Preliminary reports sent home

Ontario School Literacy Test  – Fall & Spring dates TBD  Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) – EQAO

November 20 – Mid term Marks sent home

Grade 9 Math EQAO testing

Exam/Student Success days – January 26 – Feb 1st

February 12th – Semester 1 Final Marks sent home

March 26th -Preliminary Reports sent home

April 26 – Mid term Reports sent home

2 Dates TBD-  Grade 9 Math EQAO testing

July – Final Reports Distributed

Graduation (info to be posted in early spring) – 2023 GRADUATION | Saltfleet District High School (hwdsb.on.ca)



Updated on Monday, November 27, 2023.
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