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IPP (Individual Pathway Plan)

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As part of the grade 12 ministry mandate, students are required to complete their IPP (Individual Pathway Plan).  Completion goal is 100%.

The IPP provides an opportunity for students to research and explore educational avenues, post-secondary opportunities (university, college, apprenticeship), set short term & long term goals as well as look at future career paths.

Students can access their individual profile on XELLO, through the HWDSB HUB.

How to Navigate the HUB:

How to navigate the HUB


  1. Log into the HWDSB HUB.
  2. Click on the Guidance course
  3. Click on the Career Cruising (CC) icon.
  4. Log in.   After your first log in (grade 9), your profile should be saved to automatically log in each time you visit the site.  If you do not have your student log-in & password, see your Guidance Counsellor.

Electronic instructions can be found on the HWDSB HUB within the Guidance Page. Any questions can be directed to the Guidance department.

Updated on Thursday, March 23, 2023.
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