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HWDSB Dress Code Guidelines

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HWDSB updated the Student Dress Guidelines in the fall of 2021. HWDSB student dress guidelines use the principles of anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, equity and

HWDSB recognizes that we have a responsibility and obligation to provide learning environments that are safe, equitable, welcoming, and inclusive. Decisions about dress reflect individual expression of identity, socio-cultural norms, and economic factors and are personal and important factors to a person’s well-being and health. Students have a right to express  themselves.

Students are welcome to bring their authentic selves to schools and feel comfortable in what they wear and the freedom to make dress choices. Students may wear dress or headwear requirements to support religious/creed – accommodations, cultural expressions, and similar human rights accommodations.  Students must also comply with safety regulations/requirements (e.g., operating machinery with class).

Further information on HWDSB Dress Guidelines can be found on the HWDSB website.
Student Dress Code Guidelines and Next Steps  | Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (hwdsb.on.ca)

Updated on Monday, January 08, 2024.
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