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Student Services

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Services offered to our students include:

  • Facilitating university and college applications
  • Referrals to board support staff and outside agencies
  • Reviewing and maintaining Ontario School Records
  • Assisting in student admissions and withdrawals
  • Maintaining a resources centre including our computerised information retrieval system
  • Arranging for transcripts and proof of education
  • Information on financial assistance, scholarships, bursaries, awards
  • Summer school, night school and elearning arrangements
  • University, college, workplace counselling and career resource speakers
  • Parent interviews

Diploma Requirements – 30 credits

18 Compulsory Credits

  • 4 English (one credit per grade)
  • 3 Mathematics (at least one in grade 11 or 12)
  • 2 Science
  • 1 French as a Second Language
  • 1 Arts
  • 1 Physical Education and Health
  • 1 Canadian Geography
  • 1 Canadian History
  • 1 Civics (0.5 cr.) and Career Studies (0.5 cr.)
  • 1 of English, a third language, Social Science or Canadian and World Studies, or Guidance and Career Education, or Cooperative Education (G1)
  • 1 of Art, Drama, Music, Business, or Physical Education, or Cooperative Education (G2)
  • 1 Grade 11 or 12 Science or Grade 9-12 Technology, or Cooperative Education (G3)
 + 12 Elective Credits
  • + 40 hours of community involvement + Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
  • ** Courses may be selected from different streams (levels of difficulties) according to goals and interests. Check prerequisites and recommendations.


Academic (1D, 2D) – covers core content with a focus on theory plus enrichment activities
Applied (1P, 2P) – covers core content with a focus on practical application
Locally Developed (1L, 2L) – courses review and reinforce previously taught skills and concepts


University (3U, 4U) – university preparation
University/College (3M, 4M) – university or college preparation
College (3C, 4C) – college preparation
Workplace (3E, 4E) – workplace preparation


Open Courses (1O, 2O, 3O, 4O) – no assignment of stream

Transcripts (OST) will include full disclosure of years 3 and 4 results

Ontario Student Transcript

The Ontario Student Transcript is a record of the requirements attained towards the completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. It includes credits earned, course completed, as well as the successful completion of the Literacy Test and Community Involvement. For Grades 11 and 12, it also shows all attempts at a course including unsuccessful attempts and upgrades. If a student does not wish to have full disclosure of a course on their transcript, they must withdraw form the course within five (5) days of the mid-term report. The first copy of the Ontario Student Transcript is provided to graduates free.

Transcript Requests

If you have completed high school within the three years, please contact your high school for a copy of your transcript. Records are only kept centrally for three years after graduation. Former graduates / students can obtain a copy of their transcript of marks by contacting Student Records.   Fees are applicable.  To determine who can provide you with your transcript please visit Transcript Record requests .  Please click here to access Student Records.

Updated on Friday, April 03, 2020.
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