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Technological Education

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Welcome to the Tech Department

The future has arrived at Saltfleet District High School! Our Tech Ed facilities are extremely well equipped with up to date technology. Saltfleet’s Tech programs are informative, activity-based, and project driven. There will be a shortage of skilled trades people over the next several years. Taking Tech courses will provide students with knowledge, skills, and real life work experience preparing them for apprenticeship, college, university, or the workplace.

Grade 9 Exploring Technologies Nov 2018

Grade 10 – 12  Course offerings

Tech Department Staff:

Mr. P. Wilson: Tech Head, Construction Technology

Ms. J.  Lindal: Assistant Head, Exploring Technologies & Yearbook course

Mr. M.  Koslowski: Construction Technology, Exploring Technologies

Ms. D.  Erkkila: Communications Technology

Mr. D. Knezevic: Technological Design (AutoCAD), Exploring Technologies

Mr. J.  Kurtz: Green Industries (Horticulture & Landscaping)

Mr. S. Pennisi: Transportation Technology & Exploring Technologies

Mr. K. Negus: Computer Engineering & Computer Programming

If you would like more information regarding the Tech Department at Saltfleet High School, please contact Mr. P. Wilson.

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Updated on Monday, February 28, 2022.
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