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What is the Non-Profit Sector?

  • Non-profit sector’s common vision “is to make a difference”
  • Non-profit sector offers a variety of careers in many fields. Employers in the non-profit sector include the different levels of government, education, health care agencies, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

Check out the SHSM Non-Profit video and all the program has to offer!

Potential careers include:

  • Social work – counsellor, social worker, child and youth worker, developmental service worker, psychologist, therapist, gerontologist, funeral director
  • Education – teacher, educational assistant, early childhood education
  • Health care – physician, nurse, psychiatrist, child life specialist, personal support worker, rehabilitation, health management and administration, hospice worker, public health nurse, dietitian
  • Arts and culture – festival organizer, conference and event planning, cultural management, exhibit designer, children’s arts and music program instructors, museum director/curator, heritage interpreter
  • Sports and Recreation – health and wellness promotion, recreation coordinators, health policy development, recreation therapy, camp counsellor/management
  • Environment – environmental protection, environmental inspector, urban planning, conservationist, environmental engineer, rural development officer
  • Communication and Information Technology – media relations operator, journalist, advertising and promotion, media development, public relations, fundraiser
  • Social Planning and Community Development – social planner, social researcher, community activist, community outreach, community development worker
  • International Development – humanitarian assistance development officer, education officer, fundraiser, program director, translator, research assistant, digital communication specialist


Updated on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.
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