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Student Services

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Direct link to Student Services Main Page:  Saltfleet Student Services

Guidance, Learning Resource, Co-operative Education and Student Success. Planning for University or College?…check the Student Services pages for information on Senior Student News.

Need money for post-secondary education?…find an Award or Scholarship just for you in the Awards & Scholarships page. Need to complete your 40 hours community service?…look in the Volunteers page in Student Services, check the bulletin board across from the Guidance Office, listen for announcements. All hours must be completed and submitted in to the Guidance Office in March of the graduation year.

Searching for a career?…browse through the links in the Careers Search page. Any questions should be directed to a Counsellor

Mrs. Susi, Department Head (x5014) – Servicing Students with alpha A-H

Mr. Scocchia, Assistant Head (x5015)  – Servicing Students with alpha I-P

Ms. Marchese – Guidance project specialist and business teacher

Ms. Sandoval (x5013) – Servicing Students with alpha Q-Z

Questions about co-operative education should be directed to Mr. Kountouris or Mr. Calandrino in the co-op office.

Updated on Thursday, June 07, 2018.
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