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The Positive Culture & Well-Being Committee

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The Positive Culture & Well-Being Committee meets Tuesdays on Period 4 in Room 2051 and are always accepting new members.

Mental Health Week activities – get involved!  See flyer for more details!  Mental Health Awareness Week Poster

Our focus is on helping students feel seen and included in the school community, and we are focusing on Overall Student Health and Well-Being. We run drop-in rooms and activities for students and various fundraising events as well.

The Positive Culture & Well-Being Committee is a team within the school community that is student-led and staff-directed. It focuses on having students feel like they belong and are connected to the school. Events and initiatives focus on nurturing student-to-student and student-to-staff relationships with an end goal of having students feel like they matter in our school community.

We are partnered with Saltfleet’s Student Parliament group. There is a sub-committee called “Equity and Inclusion” that has team members that straddle both worlds.

Our focus is to provide outreach opportunities, information and fun events and activities that help to promote overall Well-Being in our school and beyond (e.g. by reaching out to our Feeder Schools as well).

Teacher Leads:  Ms. Chudak


Wellness School Supply Drive:

Updated on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.
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