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Health Action Team

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The Saltfleet District High School Health Action Team (known as the H.A.T. team) is a youth leadership committee within the school, working to promote physical, mental and emotional well being in the school community. For over a year the students have been working to create awareness and prevention of bullying within schools and throughout the community. They created thumb rings embedded with their <3 not H8 (Love not Hate) logo that reflects this message. The rings are great visual reminders to think about what one says and does, especially via social media. The initiative has been shared with other schools at the Unfiltered Facts Youth Summit and the students will be presenting their campaign to educators and public health employees at the Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition. Their efforts were recognized by Jer’s Vision, a Canadian Youth Diversity organization with the awarding of the Pink Tulip Grant in 2011 .

HAT video of Day of Pink (April 11) prepared for the Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition

Updated on Thursday, March 23, 2023.
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