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Student Parliament

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Student Parliament 2017-2018

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Who We are

Student Parliament is a forum for the students of Saltfleet to make their voices heard in the affairs of the school. Lead by an elected Executive Cabinet and comprised of everyday students, we organize dances, spirit days, pep rallies, fundraisers, and our annual Winter Formal! We also oversee our school’s various clubs and teams, to ensure the school calendar is packed with exciting events! We hope to make every year memorable for you!

Get Involved!

High school won’t last forever. So get involved while you can! Join clubs and teams that interest you, and come out to dances and events! You can join Student Parliament as a Member of Parliament at the beginning of each semester or by contacting our Secretary of State. You can also run for election in the spring! Be sure to listen to announcements and follow social media to keep updated on what’s happening at Saltfleet!

Roles on Student Parliament

2017-2018 Student Parliament Executive Cabinet

Prime Minister: Tyler Riches

Deputy Prime Minister: Brody Ellis

Secretary of State: Kim Nguyen

Minister of Finance: Preet Chudha

Minister of Communications: Caitlin Vassalli

Ministers of Spirit:

  • Jordan Mostboeck
  • William Gourlay

Ministers of Health and Recreation:

  • Vanessa Pribicevic
  • Dimitri Knezevic

Minister of Culture: Fiza Ahmad

Minister of the Arts: Megan McDonald

Minister of Multimedia: Mikayla MacIntyre

Minister of Positive School Climate: Gina Montani

Minister of Faculty Relations: Faith Carver

HWDSB Student Senator: Nataša Matijevic

Grade 12 Representative: Hannah Gallea

Grade 11 Representative: Devin Palmer

Grade 10 Representative: Keerit Shergill

Grade 9 Representative: Parth Sud

Follow Us!

Facebook: “What’s Happening Saltfleet”

Instagram: @sdhs_stuparl

Twitter: @SDHS_StuParl

Snapchat: @saltfleetstorm


All accounts are student-run, and are maintained by the Minister of Communications

Updated on Friday, June 08, 2018.
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