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What are the major credits?

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Within the major credits of the Non-Profit SHSM you will complete a wide variety of learning experiences that will enhance your learning in the sector.   Examples of Reach-Ahead Activities include:

  • Tours of the Early Child Education and Child and Youth programs at Mohawk College
  • Participation in SHSM days at the University of Guelph
  • Tour and use of Mills Library at McMaster University

Examples of Experiential and Career Exploration Activities include:

  • Placements in Today’s Family Childcare Centre
  • Planning of the staff children’s Christmas party
  • Volunteering at the Wesley Urban Ministries Christmas Store
  • Planning and running awareness and fundraising events in the school such as United Way Photo Booth, Jingle Bingo, and Toque Tuesday
  • Participation in a Mock Trial at the Sopinka Court House

Some of the Major credits in the Non Profit SHSM include:

Refer to the Non Profit SHSM course list to track requirements. (spans gr. 11 & 12)

Saltfleet Non Profit Student Tracking Form

History/Social Science

CLU3M – Understanding Canadian Law
CLU3E – Understanding Everyday Law in Canada
CLU4U – Canadian and International Law
HSP3C or HSP3U – Introduction to Anthropology, and Psychology Sociology
HSB4U – Challenge and Change in Society
HSE4M – Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice
CHG38 – Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity


GPP30 – Peer Leadership

Family Studies

HPC3O – Raising Healthy Children
HPW3C – Working with Infants and Young Children
HIP4O – Personal Life Management
HFA4C or HFA4U – Nutrition and Health
HHS4C or HHS4U – Families in Canada


SVN3E  – Environmental Science
SVN3M – Environmental Science


TGJ3M – Communications Technology
TGJ4M – Communications Technology

For a extensive list of NON Profit SHSM major credit courses – please see the full listing attached:   Non Profit Course list

Updated on Friday, February 14, 2020.
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