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Horticulture and Landscaping

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This course provides students with a wealth of practical knowledge in plant biology, plant science, landscape construction and maintenance, and greenhouse growing. Topics covered include:

Landscape maintenance and management – pruning, planting and post planting care, mowing, seeding, fertilizing and promoting turf health, edging, mulching and pest management.

Greenhouse Environmental Production –  cloning, grafting and seeding, regulating environmental factors (temperature, humidity, light) and integrated pest management.

Plant Science and Botany –  plant identification, botanical Latin, plant parts and functions, photosynthesis,  transpiration and respiration, reproduction, plant breeding and genetic modification

Landscape Design and Construction – Principles of design, grading and drainage, drawing and reading plans, surveying, building with wood brick and stone, paver and retaining wall installation.

Careers In Green Industries – green jobs of the future, green building, green energy, bio materials and fuels, bio engineering, hydroponic and aquaponic food production, landscaping, arboriculture, agriculture, urban planning and urban ecology, environmental science and many others.

Refer to the Horticulture SHSM course list to track requirements. (spans gr. 11 & 12)

Saltfleet Horticulture Student Tracking Form



Who Should Take This Course?

This course is a must for any student considering a post-secondary pathway dealing with, biology, botany, environmental science, bio engineering and bio fuels, agriculture, forestry, landscape architecture, green design, urban planning and of course landscape and nursery trades. 

Horticulture Students

Do you find your regular classes boring?  Are you itching for a taste of the real world?  Do you enjoy working with your hands?  Do you like to be outdoors?  Then this is the program for you.  At Saltfleet we provide a hands on experience in horticultre and landscaping which will give you that outdoor practical work experience you crave.  Our growing careers program offers real world hands on projects while providing you with the knowledge and skills required for success in the dynamic and growing field of horticulture and landscaping.  Saltfleet has a wide range of horticultural power equipment including mowers, blowers, trimmers, rototillers, and even a small front end loader.  Classes, cover topics such as; snow removal practices, tractor safety and operation, landscape design, greenhouse growing, and sports turf management.

In addition to the regular core program students in the SHSM program receive specialised industry recognised awareness training certificates in, skid steer loader operation, lawn mower safety and operation, tree planting and staking, pruning and much more.  Through the SHSM program you will have the opportunity to work for a co-op employer, doing real landscaping work, and may even get a good summer job out of the experience.   If this sounds like your sort of thing, see your guidance counsellor to get started today to see how you can get started on “Growing Your Career”.

Horticulture Parents

This program is an excellent choice for any student who has an interest in the outdoors and a desire to work with their hands.  The program offers a “real world” taste of the horticulture and landscaping industry.  If your son or daughter has an interest in plants, the outdoors or horticultural work then this might just be the program for them.  Horticulture is a marriage of science, the arts and technology that can and does build relevance for students.  Many of our students simply can’t stand the regular classroom environment because they just don’t see how it relates to the real world.  Horticulture allows students to work with their hands to build and maintain real world projects while using the skills and knowledge they have learned in their core academic classes.



SMS Rents has supplied Saltfleet with a wide variety of equipment including donating the use of a skid steer loader which was used to give students an opportunity to learn how to operate one of the most commonly used pieces of landscaping equipment in the industry.


Harpers Garden Center Has supplied Saltfleet with greenhouse growing supplies, seeds, and plant material to build our living collection.  Harpers continues to support our program by offering co-op experiences for our students and providing field trip opportuities for our classes where students get to see first hand the myriad plants available in the nursery trade.  Harpers has a staggering assortment of  plant material and knowledge on offer which is sure to delight even the most experienced gardener and make a pro of the beginner.


Green Horizons donated the sod used in the reconstuction of our front entrance pictured above when our students built the sign bed at the front of the school.  Green Horizons is committed to providing quality sod and turfgrass products to serve the community.


Windmill Power Equipment is an authorized Stihl and Toro dealer as well as a full service equipment rental shop.  Windmill has supported our program by providing industry quality tools and equipment at discounted prices and donating the use of a Toro Dingo to help with our sign bed construction project.



Ferrell Builders Supply provides high quality stone, pavers and retainig wall stone as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise in landscape construction.  Ferrell has donated a number of different products including stone, gravel and topsoil and has even offered to make a substantial donation of paving and wall stone material to our program.


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Updated on Thursday, March 23, 2023.
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