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Course Selection for 2022 – 2023

Our Course Selection process for the next school year is now ready! The due date for selecting courses is March 3, 2022.

  • Please do not wait to see your guidance counsellor before submitting your course selections by this deadline. If your appointment falls after March 3, please make your best guess, upload your choices into Xello, then see your counsellor. It is possible to make changes to your choices after the deadline of March 3.
  • Summer school course offerings and registration do not open until May 2022. This process is implemented by our partners at Continuing Education and not by Ancaster High School. If you are thinking of taking a summer school course – hold that thought! Please choose the course you’re planning to take in summer school on your course selections for next year. Then, once we confirm you’ve registered for summer school, we’ll swap the course for something else.
    • Please hold all questions about summer school until May

Instructions on to Select and Upload Your Choices

  1. Download the Official Course Option Sheet for the 2022-2023 School Year
    1. Update: CGW4U1 and CHY4U1 have been cancelled. Please download the updated Course Option Sheet here
  2. Download the course selection guides for:
    1. Grade 9 to 10, or
    2. Grade 10 to 11, or
    3. Grade 11 to 12, or
    4. Grade 12 to Year 5
  3. Watch the course selection presentations for:
    1. Grade 9 to 10, or
    2. Grade 10 to 11, or
    3. Grade 11 to 12, or
    4. Grade 12 to Year 5
  4. Review course descriptions and course prerequisites
  5. Plan your courses – show your parent/guardian
  6. Download the Xello Help Guide
  7. Upload choices to Xello (found in the Hub)
  8. Verify that your courses have made it safely and correctly into Xello through Parent Portal from March 11 – March 25

New Courses for 2022-2023



Special Programs


Updated on Monday, March 28, 2022.
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