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What do you need to graduate?

Click here for the Ministry of Education’s graduation requirements

Timetable Changes for 2022 – 2023



  • Most classes are full – timetable changes will be very difficult. To see a list of classes that still have space, CLICK HERE. We will place you on a waitlist for some courses if we think a seat might open up soon
  • Please do not contact us to ask if you are still on the waitlist. We will contact you if we’re able to find you a seat in the new class
  • Please attend all currently scheduled courses until you are notified if a seat becomes available
  • Moving sections of the same course is only allowed if the new section is smaller. This helps us too! Requests based on the name of the teacher, the teacher’s teaching style, time of day, or other students in the class will be disregarded. Extenuating circumstances are always considered after an interview with your vice-principal (Ms. Davy A-K, Ms. Ferney L-Z)
  • Available seats are assigned based on need (graduation requirement, post-secondary requirement, medical accommodation, etc), then chronological order
  • The last day to request a timetable change is Friday, September 9, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. We will delete all waitlists at this time too


  • All e-Learning classes are already closed or have a waitlist
  • All students who request e-Learning will begin on the waitlist
  • Students must follow their current timetable with the mindset that they may never be advanced into e-Learning
  • Any student admitted to e-Learning after the first day of school WILL BE BEHIND and we advise that you consider this carefully before accepting the seat
  • There is usually an e-Learning orientation session for all students taking or waitlisted for e-Learning


Instructions on to Select and Upload Your Choices

  1. Download the Official Course Option Sheet for the 2022-2023 School Year
    1. Update: CGW4U1 and CHY4U1 have been cancelled. Please download the updated Course Option Sheet here
  2. Download the course selection guides for:
    1. Grade 9 to 10, or
    2. Grade 10 to 11, or
    3. Grade 11 to 12, or
    4. Grade 12 to Year 5
  3. Watch the course selection presentations for:
    1. Grade 9 to 10, or
    2. Grade 10 to 11, or
    3. Grade 11 to 12, or
    4. Grade 12 to Year 5
  4. Review course descriptions and course prerequisites
  5. Plan your courses – show your parent/guardian
  6. Download the Xello Help Guide
  7. Upload choices to Xello (found in the Hub)
  8. Verify that your courses have made it safely and correctly into Xello through Parent Portal from March 11 – March 25

New Courses for 2022-2023

Repertoire Music

Students who choose to participate in Concert Band are encouraged to register for Repertoire (AMR1O1, AMR2O1, AMR3M1, or AMR4M1). Repertoire is an additional course that takes place before the school day. Its’ inclusion allows students the opportunity to earn a 9th credit for their Concert Band activities.



Special Programs


Updated on Sunday, August 28, 2022.
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