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Grade 9 and 10 – Preparing for IB

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  • Students interested in taking the IB Diploma Programme (grade 11 and 12) are encouraged to take Enriched courses in grade 9 and 10 where possible.
  • Students in grade 9 should contact the IB coordinator or their guidance counsellor to ensure proper preparation has been made for the IB Diploma Programme.

Grade 9 students are recommended to take:

  • Enriched English and Mathematics
  • Academic French
  • Academic Science and Geography

Grade 10 students are required to take:

  • Grade 10 Enriched English and Mathematics (when possible)
  • Grade 11 MCR3U1 – Functions (Ancaster High students should take the pre-IB class)
  • Grade 10 Academic Science and History
  • Grade 10 Academic French
  • Other recommendations:
    • students who wish to complete all 3 areas of science should plan which sciences they will take in IB and select the other for grade 10
      • example students wishing to take chemistry and biology in IB should take grade 11 Physics in grade 10
      • example: students wishing to take chemistry and physics in IB should take grade 11 Biology in grade 10
    • students who are unsure if they will be able to complete the full IB Diploma Programme should take grade 10 careers and civics
Updated on Tuesday, December 11, 2018.
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