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Summer School

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SUMMER SCHOOL 2021 – Registration Deadline: June 30 at 2 p.m.

  • Continuing Education is pleased to offer Full Credit and Upgrade summer courses (online only)
  • New-credit courses run July 5 – 28. Upgrade courses run July 5 – 15
    • Only ENG4U1, MPM1D1, MPM2D1, MCF3M1, MCR3U1 and MHF4U1 are offered for upgrade – to be eligible for an upgrade, the student must have successfully completed the course previously.
  • All course selections are subject to approval by your Guidance Counselor – if a change to your course selection is needed, please let them know (see below)
  • Deadline to register is June 30, 2021 at 2 p.m. No exceptions.

Currently Enrolled Grade 9, 10, 11, 12, and Year 5 HWDSB Students Only

All summer school courses are offered via e-Learning only. Students are asked to work alongside guardians when choosing a course and registering. Please read the information below before registering (Step 3).

  1. Choose a course from this list. Students may choose only one summer school course (this means either one upgrade or one new credit).
  2. Upgrade courses are available only in the following courses: MPM1D1, MPM2D1, MCF3M1, MCR3U1, MHF4U1, MHF4U1, and ENG4U1
  3. Students and guardians register their choice here. Students must be logged into their school account in order to use this secure registration link.
  4. Students will need their OEN (found on report cards, IEPs, and transcripts) as well as their HWDSB Student Number (found on student card). 
  5. Guidance counsellors will review and approve summer school registrations and then automatically remove students from this course if it appears on their 2021-2022 course selections and replace it with another course. 
  6. Guidance counsellors will need to know the name of the replacement course and ask students to submit the new class  here (i.e. Taking history in summer school, wishes to now drop history from their course selections and take music instead). 
  7. Current Grade 11’s:  if you are on track for at least 23 credits by August 1, we will approve one or two study periods. Please complete the survey in Step 6!


  • Some universities in Ontario have policies regarding repeating/upgrading courses that are required for admission (ENG4U1, MHF4U1, etc.) 
  • Some universities might also have policies regarding students’ first attempt at a course if it was completed via summer school, e-Learning, private school, correspondence, etc. 
  • Please check university websites for their policies. McMaster University’s policies are here 


Please direct inquiries to the appropriate guidance counsellor: 

Last Names A-G  Ms. O’Sullivan  cosulliv@hwdsb.on.ca 
Last Names H-N Mr. Nicholson snichols@hwdsb.on.ca 
Last Names O-Z Mr. Vallance   jvallanc@hwdsb.on.ca 


Non-HWDSB Students & Adults New to HWDSB

  • Non-HWDSB students click here to register.
  • Adults who are new to HWDSB, please click here for details on how to register.

Current Grade 8 Students (Grade 9 in September 2021)

Current Grade 8 students are eligible only for Civics (CHV2O3) and Careers (GLC2O3) and should click here for information on how to register. Please seek help with this process only from your Grade 8 teacher, principal, or Continuing Education.

Ancaster High School does not take part in the registration or approval of Grade 8 students registering for Civics and Careers in the summer.


Updated on Tuesday, May 04, 2021.
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