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Experiential Learning (Co-op)

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Information on Cooperative Education: including system co-op programs and dual credit programs


What is Experiential Learning/Co-operative Education?

Co-op is an experiential learning program that allows students to earn credits towards their diploma and gain valuable work experience at the same time. Co-op students at Ancaster High School have had work placements from many different areas of the workplace including the skilled trades, hospitals, elementary schools, day care facilities, senior citizen homes, recreation facilities, retail business, law firms, banks, and music studios.

  • Click herefor an informative slideshow all about co-op!

HWDSB Experiential Learning – myPATH.myWAY.

Absentee Days Procedure

The student is to call both the Coop Teacher and the Placement Supervisor. Failure to do so may cost the student their placement.

Snow Days

On days when the schools are closed due to inclement weather, students are not to go to their Co-op placement for liability reasons and should inform their Placement Supervisor. On snow days where the school is open and the buses cancelled, the student may go to their placement at the discretion of the student and parents. If the decision is not to go, the Placement Supervisor and Coop Teacher should be notified.

Updated on Friday, December 04, 2020.
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