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Community Supports

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From time to time, families and students will need assistance that the school can not provide.  Here are some places in the community that can provide assistance, support, and answers to questions.

  • Alternatives for Youth – Committed to providing substance use treatment services for youth aged 12 to 23 years and those who care for them.
  • The MacAnxiety Research Centre at McMaster University Medical Centre can help families and individuals who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety and depression.  People requireing information on these health issues can also find suggested books and links to help.
  • The city of Hamilton Public Health Services has Sexual Health Clinics at a variety of locations for male and female students who  need assistance with, or have concerns about their sexual health.  These services are free and confidential to all students.
  • Emergency Shelters for Youth (ages 16-21) – Notre Dame House 905-308-8090 Located at 14 Cannon Street West, Hamilton, ON L8R 3B3.
    There are 11 beds available for males and 9 beds available for females. Laundry facilities and meals are provided. Additional services are provided through their resource centre from 9-5 p.m. daily. These include school, employment counselling, addictions counselling, public health nurse.  Other emergency housing information can be found on the City of Hamilton website.
Updated on Thursday, March 29, 2018.
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