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HWDSB’s main scholarship page updates regularly here

Scholarship Assembly

Join us in the auditorium on Wednesday, October 12 at 11:00 a.m. for information on financial aid, scholarships, and bursaries!

In case you missed it:

“THE BIG SIX” 2023-2024

Are you in the Top 50 of Canada’s best students? If so, please keep reading! Some national scholarships require a nomination by Ancaster High School in order to apply:

Scholarship Summary – Big 6 for 2023-2024 Post-Secondary School Year (updated December 2022)

  1. LORAN Scholars Foundation Award (Deadline has passed)
    • This no longer requires school nomination
  2. University of Toronto Book Award & University of Toronto National Scholarship 2023-2024 (Deadline has passed)
    • We are using the criteria for the U of T National Scholarship criteria in order to choose the winner of the U of T Book Award
  3. TD Scholarships for Community Leaders 2023-2024 (Deadline has passed)
    • This does not require school nomination
  4. Queen’s University Major Admission Awards (includes Queen’s Chancellor’s Award) 2023-2024 (Deadline has passed)
    • Official MAA practice application from Queen’s is 2023-2024 Queen’s Major Admission Awards Practice Application
    • CLICK HERE for the **Queens Chancellor’s Application for Ancaster High Selection Committee 2023-2024**
      • If you don’t have the technology to convert this .pdf file into an editable format, please e-mail Mr. Nicholson for an MS Word copy
  5. Western University National Scholarship Program 2023-2024 Due to Mr. N on January 18, 2023
    1. A reference copy of Western’s application is here. Do not submit this.
    2. Applications will be due to Mr. Nicholson on January 18, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. Students are asked to complete this fillable .pdf, identify themselves in the filename, attach it to an e-mail along with the required essay (please identify yourself in the filename) and use the subject heading “WESTERN” in all capitals
  6. Schulich Leaders Scholarship 2023-2024 (Deadline has passed)

    • This scholarship requires school nomination. Applicants must:
      • complete the Application for Ancaster High’s Nomination
      • save as a .pdf (identify themselves in the filename)
      • attach to an e-mail titled “SCHULICH”  in all capitals and e-mail it to Mr. Nicholson before January 15, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.
  7. Reverend John C. Holland Awards (Applications Due December 22, 2022)(Deadline has passed)
    • 13 Awards Total (Scholarship + Bursary)
    • These awards are for students who identify as a Person of African Descent and are 16-24 years of age at time of application and have demonstrated a commitment to service in their school and or community
  8. African Caribbean Cultural Potpourri Inc. (ACCPI) Youth Scholarship (Check back in 2023)
    • This award is for students of African or Caribbean heritage and have demonstrated a commitment to service in their school and community.

Search Tools for Scholarships Not Requiring School Nomination

  1. Scholarships Canada
  2. Yconic
  3. OUInfo
  4. Individual universities’ websites. Use the internal search function for keywords like “financial, aid, scholarships, awards. bursaries”. McMaster University’s site is here
  5. Cost-estimators are a good tool. McMaster  University’s is here

Searching for Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships which do not require an application – AUTOMATIC ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS

Some universities will award students “Entrance Scholarships” for having a particular average based on 6 grade 12 U/M courses from high school. It is important to know whether these Entrance Awards are based on grades at “Early Offer of Admission” time, or whether they are based on “Final Grades” from June. It is also important to find out if an Entrance Scholarship can change if the final June grades are higher or lower than those at the time an offer of admission was received. Each university or college will have their own policies on Entrance Awards, so check out this information with the institution you plan to attend.

Some of these entrance awards are renewable (money will be awarded each year of university or college if a particular average is maintained), while some are a one time offer. Check the individual universities’ websites to clarify the terms of Entrance Scholarships.

Updated on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.
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