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Life Skills Class

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Ancaster High School Life Skills

Ancaster High School embodies the Board’s principles of diversity and inclusion. Although 80% of our students attend postsecondary education after they graduate, some of our students enter apprenticeships, workplace, or community living.

Students who benefit from Life Skills programming have a need for instruction in basic communication, academic, self-care, and social interaction skills.

We pride ourselves on maximizing integration opportunities for our life skills students. Our students benefit from the whole-school experience, including assemblies, extra-curricular activities, dances, graduation ceremonies, etc.

In addition, life skills students enjoy experiential learning via the Board’s Transitional Work Experience Program (TWEP)

Important Dates


  • Board-wide Valentine’s Day dance


  • Best Buddies Read All About It! event
  • Delta Secondary School Life Skills Prom
  • March Break


  • End of year trip


Updated on Friday, July 21, 2017.
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