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Option Sheets

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Options Sheets, Deadlines & Instructions

Please refer to information below to select your courses for next year. Refer any questions to your guidance counsellor.

2018 Course Option Selection in Career Cruising – DATES & INSTRUCTIONS

The course option selection time is fast approaching. Students will be using Career Cruising again this year to make their course selections. Career Cruising is always available to students to review their career options and diploma progress.

Students are expected to complete the Ministry Mandated portion of their Individual Pathway Plan (IPP) every year. The option selection process will be live February 12th through to March 2nd. In this time frame students will be able to submit their course selections and lock them into the system as their choices.

Should a student wish to make a change after the fact they can do so during the verification process which occurs in April. Students are encouraged to make appointments with their guidance counsellor if they have questions about their course selections and pathways program. Parents are welcome to join in the meetings. Please direct your questions to the Student Services Department at 905-573-3000 ext. 5012.

Option Sheet Guideline:

This document can be used by students to get a glimpse of all courses being offered by Saltfleet. This is NOT the actual option sheet. Students are to use the Course Planner in Career Cruising to complete their option sheet. Option sheets will be open to submit online in Career Cruising beginning February 12th and ending March 2nd. Please be sure to read all documents listed on this page for further instruction and assistance on completing your option sheet.

2018-2019 options chart

Educational Planner:

Students who are looking for a tool to help them plan the next few years may find this Educational Planner useful. Please note that SPARES are only granted to students who have EARNED 24 CREDITS.

Using Career Cruising:

Students can login and navigate Career Cruising to complete their option sheet. Students must attempt this on their own before coming to guidance for assistance as your guidance counsellor will ask questions about what went wrong on line.  The guidance counsellors role is to discuss course options with students and troubleshoot if something does not run smoothly. The guidance counsellor cannot enter-in or submit your options for you.

Updated on Friday, March 09, 2018.
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