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Continuing Education

On-line Learning

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On-Line courses are available to HWDSB Secondary students in their 4th year of Secondary School if they have a full course load and still require 1-2 additional courses to graduate.  Please see your Guidance Counsellor to see if you are eligible to participate in our D2L Hybrid Night School program.

Summer On-Line courses are available to HWDSB and Non-HWDSB Secondary School students – registration will open in early May.

New Credit Courses Only

On-line “On-line Learning” is a method through which Secondary School credit courses are delivered over the Internet.  Individuals seeking to earn high school credits can register to take any of our teacher-led online courses.  Our easy to use online courses combined with the expertise of our online teaching staff prove to deliver the best learning experience.

To start working towards your diploma or to take a course you need, please browse our website for more details.


Adults and eligible Grade 12 (4th year) HWDSB students – Please see D2L Hybrid Page

  • 24 hours access to your course(s) online
  • New Credit Courses
  • Courses developed and evaluated by Ontario Certified Teachers
  • Expert support from teachers via email
  • Work at own pace
  •  Summer On-line Learning is available to all students.
  • Eligible HWDSB Secondary School students (see your Guidance Counsellor for details) must register through Guidance at YOUR SCHOOL – please DO NOT attend Registration Nights

Registration dates for Adults and non-HWDSB Secondary School students will be announced later this spring (dates will be in late June).  Please check the Summer School page in April for summer course information.

Full course descriptions and course prerequisites are available on www.hwdsb.on.ca/coursecalendar

Before you register, please make sure you have:

  • A valid email address – HWDSB students will be sent their sign in information via their HWDSB Office365 account.
  • A transcript (Adult Learners)


  • ALL Students MUST COMPLETE ONLINE ORIENTATION – details will be provided at time of registration.
  • Please ensure that you include your e-mail address on your registration form to ensure that you receive your user credentials.

Helpful Links for On-line Learning students

Logging into the HUB – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/logging-into-the-hub-2

Submit an assignment – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/submitting-an-assignment

email from D2L – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/sending-email-within-the-hub

Call 905-561-2190 for more information.

Updated on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.
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