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Continuing Education

On-line Learning

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Online learning is a method through which Secondary School credit courses are delivered over the Internet.  Individuals seeking to earn high school credits can register to take any of our teacher guided online courses.

Online Night School

A self guided, fully online high school credit program, with 2 evenings of tutoring assistance if required.

Eligible HWDSB Secondary School students (see your Guidance Counsellor for details) must register through Guidance at YOUR SCHOOL

Online Summer School

Earn a credit over the Summer with our 5 week fully online learning platform. Registration will open in early May.

For Secondary School students full course descriptions and course prerequisites are available on www.hwdsb.on.ca/coursecalendar

Helpful Links for On-line Learning students

Logging into the HUB – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/logging-into-the-hub-2

Submit an assignment – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/submitting-an-assignment

email from D2L – https://tv.hwdsb.on.ca/media/sending-email-within-the-hub

Call 905-561-2190 for more information.

Updated on Thursday, September 30, 2021.
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