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Essential Skills Upgrading Program

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Last updated on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario and through the Canada-Ontario Job Fund Agreement.

Essential Skills Upgrading Program

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The Essential Skills Upgrading Program is a skills development program in communication (reading, writing and speaking) and numeracy at a pre-high school level. Its purpose is to help adults with developmental disabilities, attain their goals related to further training, employment, or independence.

What is the Essential Skills Upgrading Program?

The Essential Skills Upgrading program is for developmentally disabled adults over 21. Students participate in individually designed learning experiences focusing on:
  • Upgrading of basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • Practical context in which these skills will be employed
  • Expressed needs and interests of the adults themselves

Who is eligible for the Essential Skills Upgrading Program?

There are two basic requirements for admission to the Essential Skills Upgrading Program:

  • The adult should be able to profit from instruction in basic numeracy and literacy (teacher assessment).
  • The adult must be physically autonomous and possess the capacity for independent action.

What are the Essential Skills Upgrading program fees?

The LBS Essential Skills Upgrading Program is FREE!

Where are Essential Skills Upgrading Classes Held?

Essential Skills Upgrading classes are held at the NEW Hill Park Learning Centre, 465 East 16th Street, Hamilton.

Classes are held Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

When and Where is Registration?

Enrollment to the Essential Skills Upgrading Program is continuous throughout the school year. Our hours and days are flexible.

For more information, including eligibility criteria, contact:

NEW Hill Park Learning Centre
465 East 16th Street

Hamilton, Ontario   L9A 4K6