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Sir Winston Churchill
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Bell Times

9:00 AM - 3:05 PM


EQAO Results & OSSLT Results


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Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

Home of the Bulldogs

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School [est. 1967] has an average daily-annual-enrollment of 750 students. The school offers a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular programs to prepare students for their futures.  Students are able to access academic, applied, open, university, college and workplace programs.  The school boasts a variety of dynamic co-curricular activities.  Along with many competitive athletic teams, we provide opportunities in a variety of clubs and student-leadership experiences.

Sir Winston Churchill is home to an excellent Technological Studies program: Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, and our state-of-the-art cosmetology lab – provides students with unrivaled experiential learning opportunities.  Other specialized programs include five Specialist High Skills Major [SHSM] programs: Health & Wellness, Manufacturing, Aviation & Aerospace, Transportation and Hospitality Services.  The school also offers specialized sports focus courses through our Health & Physical Education Department, including: football, basketball, volleyball and hockey.

Student Success Supports

  • Urban Priority High School funding for various student success and engagement programs
  • In-School Alternative Education Program which incorporates a self-paced program with a wide variety of courses; on-line options available
  • U-TURN (off-site Alternative Education Program) which incorporates a self-paced program with a wide variety of courses; on-line options available
  • Student Success Mentoring Educational Assistants
  • Social Worker
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Child & Youth Worker
  • Nourishing Minds nutrition program
  • FOOD4KIDS nutrition program
  • Indigenous support centre – NYA:WEH worker

“NEW” Facility Highlights  

  • Artificial Turf Sports Field
  • Science Labs with A/C
  • Cosmetology Lab with A/C
  • Learning Commons with A/C
  • Aviation & Aerospace classroom
  • Auditorium
  • Windows
  • Security Cameras

School Plan / Focus

  • Positive School Culture and Well-Being
  • Graduation for ALL
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

School Council

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School is fortunate to have a very active school council that meets regularly throughout the school year. School Council consists of a dedicated group of caregivers that act as an important advisory group.

Updated on Friday, April 05, 2019.
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