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Visual Arts

Check out our website to see our students work and keep up to date on exciting events in the Arts: https://swcarts.commons.hwdsb.on.ca/

Department Members: 

  • Ms. L. Chupa (Department Head) ext. 5760   lchupa@hwdsb.on.ca
  • Ms. L. Furness (Assistant Dept. Head) ext. 5797   lafurness@hwdsb.on.ca
  • Ms. M. Dwyer ext. 5705   mdwyer@hwdsb.on.ca

The Visual Arts Department courses provide exciting hands on experiences in a variety of mediums. You can work in clay, watercolour, silkscreen, pen and ink, charcoal, acrylics and a variety of other mediums in our studio courses. Students who take their required art credit often continue to take art classes throughout their high school career. You can take Visual Art through grades 9-12. The art courses teach students how to draw, paint, sculpt and print. The grade 12 Art course, AVI4M, can be used as a university entrance course.

In grade 10 the Visual Art Department offers Digital Arts- Animation. This is a brand-new field in Art! It is primarily computer art with a focus on using our art skills to create animations, character and settings.  The grade 11 course, AWS3M, will lead to the grade 12 course, AWS4M, which can also be used as a university entrance course.

Photography is one of our most popular courses in the art department which also begins in grade 10.   The grade 11 course, AWQ3M, leads to the grade 12 course, AWQ4M, which is also acceptable for a university entrance course.


Department Member:

The Drama Department operates under the umbrella of the Arts Department and offers a selection of courses at each grade level. Grade 9, 10, and ADA3O (Grade 11 Open) are Open courses and do not require a prerequisites or any experience. It is recommended that students interested in Drama start in grade 9 or 10, thereby building on their experiential learning each year. The grade 11 Academic Drama, ADA3M, requires either grade 9 or 10 Drama, and ADA4M, Grade 12 Academic Drama, requires ADA3M as a prerequisite, and can be used on post-secondary applications. As well, students in grade 12 without an Arts Credit can take ADA4E, Workplace Drama, with a prerequisite of Grade 9 or 10 Drama.

Updated on Monday, October 31, 2022.
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