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Coyote Safety

Coyotes and pets: Keep your cats indoors during denning season with the COVID-19 pandemic's empty streets | Georgia Straight Vancouver's News & Entertainment WeeklyThere was a recent incident in the community where people had surrounded a coyote out of interest (taking photos and video).  The behaviour noted by an Animal Control Officer that responded indicated the coyote felt trapped and was attempting to escape.  It became defensive/aggressive and a dangerous incident would have occurred.

We ask that efforts be made to keep any garbage and food items contained.
A coyote was recently seen eating from a bag (presumed it was a leftover lunch of a student) on a school playground in the City.  This will unfortunately encourage the coyote to continue returning as there is a food source.
The food can also attract rodents which coyotes prey upon.

If you have any questions, or see coyotes on the school property when children are going outside, please call City of Hamilton – Animal Services, Licensing & By-Law Services at 905-574-3433 and select option 2 and we’ll send an Animal Control Officer to attend and attempt to haze the animal.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our community safe.

Click HERE to review our Coyote Safety Information Pamphlet.

City of Hamilton asks residents to limit their outdoor water usage until Monday, July 13th - CHCH








Updated on Friday, October 23, 2020.
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