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HWDSB Building

Learning Resource

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Department Members:


Mr. J. Troisi (Dept. Head)  A-K ext. 4609  [email protected]

Ms. J. Laka (Assistant Dept. Head) L-Z ext. 5800  [email protected] 

Ms. C. Barker ext 5721  [email protected]

Ms. H. Goater ext 5724  [email protected]

Ms. A. Havercroft ext 5764  [email protected]

Mrs. R. Horta ext 4625  [email protected] (semester 1)

Ms. H. Kurpe ext 5804  [email protected]

Mr. J. Laposi ext 4612  [email protected]

Mr. K. Lewis ext 5792  [email protected]

Ms. C. Palmieri ext 5787 [email protected]

Ms. S. Parras ext 5791  [email protected]

Ms. J Renner ext 5738  [email protected]

Ms. C. Simon ext 5789  c[email protected]

Mr. D. Soules ext 5727 dsoule[email protected]


Ms. K. Agbonkpolar  [email protected]

Ms. R. Akinkuotu  [email protected]

Ms. J. Barry  [email protected]

Ms. W. Bullock  [email protected]

Ms. V. Burrows  [email protected]

Ms. R. Divjak  [email protected]

Mr. E. Dostilio  [email protected]

Ms. J. Henderson  [email protected]

Ms. S. James  [email protected]

Ms. K. Mark  [email protected]

Ms. O. Ogunlenu (LTO)  [email protected]

Ms. M. Sipos  [email protected]

The Learning Resource Room

At Sir Winston Churchill, the Learning Resource staff is committed to encourage all students to reach their full potential.  This commitment is reflected in the role of the Learning Resource Teacher.

At the beginning of each semester, all Sir Winston Churchill students who are deemed Exceptional by the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board are invited to the Resource room. There, they meet the Resource teachers and are given an opportunity to see how this support service can benefit them.

In addition, all Exceptional students are monitored on an on-going basis. Classroom teachers work closely with the Resource teachers so that early intervention will alleviate potential difficulties.

The Resource teachers along with Administration, Student Services, Adjustment Services, the Special Education Consultant, the Psychological Consultant, Social Worker, and Speech and Language Pathologist comprise the Churchill Systems Team. This group meets regularly to discuss alternative solutions to ensure success for students experiencing problems.

The Resource teachers are also responsible for the Identification, Placement & Review Committee (I.P.R.C.) process. Once a year, the Exceptional student and his/her parents/guardians are invited to an Annual Review meeting to discuss the student’s progress. Parents/Guardians, as well as the student, are encouraged to participate with the Resource teachers, Administration, and Guidance counsellors in addressing the student’s current and future educational needs.

If a student needs extra help with an assignment or an exam, he/she may get that help in the Resource room.

A member of the Resource Team is on duty in the room at all times. The Resource room at Churchill is equipped with professional books, student materials and access to computers. Staff is encouraged to visit and consult with the Resource teachers, as needed, to discuss alternative teaching strategies for accommodating curriculum.

We are committed to delivering a program suited to the unique needs of the individual.

Updated on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.
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