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Sir Winston Churchill

Student Services

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Welcome to Student Services!

At Sir Winston Churchill, we offer a variety of services to assist students in both academics and their well-being.

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Please follow us on Twitter for updates @swc_guidance.

Our Guidance Counsellors are assigned alphabetically by students’ last names.

  •    Ms. S. Hockin—A-K—extension 4605 (Head of Student Services)
  •    Mr. J. O’Connor—L-Z—extension 4606 (Assistant Head of Student Services)

Appointments with counsellors can be made by contacting the Student Services Office Administrator 905-547-6415.

  •   Ms. Grace Simon—extension 4608

Additional support is offered to Grade 9 students to help them with their transition to high school.

  •   Mr. G. Watson—extension 4607 (Student Success Lead Teacher)

CO-OP & Careers

Co-op Teachers:

Additional Community Supports

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In addition to our Guidance staff, we have a variety of community supports available to students.

All of our supports are accessed through referrals, although students can often self-refer.

The NYA:WEH Secondary program provides support for Indigenous learners to promote student engagement and a positive school experience. The youth advisor will work with students, program staff, families, support agencies, and the community in order to respond to the needs of Indigenous students to engage in culturally relevant wholistic strength-based approaches to lifelong learning.


Updated on Tuesday, May 03, 2022.
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