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Guidance Department Services

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Meet your Guidance Counselors:

K. Miminas — Head of Student Services, Last Names L-Z

S. Ireland – Assistant Head of Student Services, Last Names A-K

M. Hewitt – Head of ESL Department, ELL Guidance

T. O’Hanlon- Head of Learning Resource, Last Names A-K; Special Education, Alternative Education and SSCP

 S. Cuicani – Assistant Head of Learning Resource, Last Names L-Z

M. Burnell – Student Success Site Lead

M. Willson – Guidance Secretary

Booking Appointments

All guidance appointments will be online through MS Teams or via phone call.  Please book an appointment with Mrs. Willson–she will send you a verification email through your Outlook mail so you don’t forget your appointment.  You can also book an appointment through the Guidance page on the HUB.

Timetable Changes

At this time, timetable changes are limited to students who have SEE GUIDANCE on their timetable, have failed a class from last year, took a summer school course, have a repeated course or are missing a course.  No other timetable changes will be made at this time.

Attendance/Registration Letters

We are more than happy to provide you with a letter proving that you are registered with us at Glendale.  Please make sure to bring your original request.  Letters can take up to 24 hours to be prepared.  Letters of attendance will include your name, your date of birth, your attendance, your address and parent/guardian information.  Please be sure that you inform the office if you have any changes to any of the information mentioned above.


Planning on leaving Glendale?  If you are 18 years of age or older, or are self-supporting, please email your Counsellor to start the withdrawal process.  If you are under 18 years of age, please have your parent/guardian contact the Main Office or Mrs. Willson to start the process.  And don’t forget to return your textbooks to your teachers or to the main office.  Otherwise, you will be sent an invoice so that we can replace the book.

Transcript Requests

You may request copies of your transcript in Guidance by asking Mrs. Willson as long as you are a current, active student, or you have been a student no longer than one year from the time of your withdrawal.  There is no charge for this service.  Former students and graduates (more than one year removed) can obtain a copy of their transcript of marks by contacting the Office of Student Records, 905-521-2523. You will need to provide identification such as a driver’s license, health card, or birth certificate when making the request.


Updated on Tuesday, September 08, 2020.
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