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The English Department offers a wide collection of compulsory and optional courses designed to help Glendale students become excellent communicators, writers, and readers. Contact any of our English teachers at [email protected]

Meet our Teachers:

H. Glasser  – Department Head 

O. Adebanjo

S. Fee

A. Feere (Assistant Department Head of English)

K. Johnson

D. Jovic

M. Livesey

K. Pavic

C. Vandersteen

M. Westwood

M. Zuccato

Courses offered:

Grade 9

ENG1D – Academic English English-course-outline-2017-18-1D (2)
ENG1DE – Enriched English English course outline 2017-18-1DE
ENG1P – Applied English English-course-outline-2017-18.1P
ENG1L – Locally Developed English  English-course-outline-2017-18ENG1L (1)

Grade 10

ENG2D – Academic English English-course-outline-2017-18-2D
ENG2DE – Enriched English English course outline 2017-18-2DE
ENG2P – Applied English English-course-outline-2017-18-2P
ENG2L – Locally Developed English English-course-outline-2017-18-ENG2L

Grade 11

ENG3U – University Preparation English English-course-outline-2017-18-3U
ENG3C – College Preparation English English-course-outline-2017-18-3C
ENG3E – Workplace English English English-course-outline-2017-18-3E

Grade 12

ENG4C – College Preparation English English-course-outline-2017-18-4C
ENG4U – University Preparation English  English-course-outline-2017-18-4U
ENG4E – Workplace English English-course-outline-2017-18-4E
EWC4C/4U – Writer’s Craft (not offered semester 1)
OLC4O – Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course English-course-outline-2017-18-OLC

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