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Clubs and Student Groups

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Glendale offers many creative ways for students to express their talents, interests, and ideas, as well as, seek out support and help.

Basketball – Ms. Jeffrey and Mr. Morgan

Bear Traxx – Mrs. Ciprietti

Book Club – Mrs. Starcevic

Breakfast/Lunch Program – contact Mrs. Lewis or Mrs. Cuicani

Chess Club – Ms. Hewitt

Concert Band – contact Mr. Borsc or Mrs. Walker

Cricket – Ms. Callan

Dance Team – contact Mrs. Moore / Ms. Law

English Conversation Circle – Ms. Tweney

Film Club – contact Mrs. Glasser

Football – Mr. Cheeseman and Mr. Borsc

French Club – Miss Rado

Grade 9 Girls Group – contact Ms. Herron

Health Action Team (HAT) – Mrs. Starcevic and Ms. Ciprietti

Homework Club for ELL – Mrs. Tweney

Jazz Band –  contact Mr. Borsc

Makers Club (3D Printing) – Mr. Campbell

Pickleball Club – Mr. Grant and Mr. Morgan

Positive Space – contact Miss Rado or Mr. Livesey  

Reach for the Top – Mr. Livesey

Robotics – Mr. Campbell

Show Choir and VIBE – contact Mrs. Walker

Soccer – Mr. Bentley or Mrs. Falasca

STEP (Student Transition and Education Program) – Mr. Wright

SWAT Team (Spoken Word Arts Team) – Ms. Feere and Ms. Fee

Swim Team – Mr. Adamson

Ultimate Disc Club (Orange Crush) – Ms. Castellani and Mr. Morgan

Ursa Major Productions – contact Mr. Borsc

Volleyball – Ms. Callan, Mr. Gallant and Mr. Bentley

Walk In Closet – contact Ms. Ciprietti or Mr. Ireland

Yearbook Club – Mr. Kraemer



Updated on Thursday, November 29, 2018.
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