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Bell Times

8:30 AM - 2:50 PM


Dave Schroeder - 905-560-7343 | Email


Christine Chan, Sofia Fox | Email


Simon Goodacre - 905.527.5092 x 2304 | E-mail Simon Goodacre


Todd White - 289.237.1644 | E-mail Todd White

Administrative Office Staff

  • Erin Goodwin
  • Pam Mulholland
  • Marjorie Knell
  • Elizabeth Dubec (Student Services)

Our School

Glendale Secondary School is located in the east end of Hamilton near Stoney Creek. It shares a large, treed block with the new Viola Desmond Elementary School (K-8) and a city park.

Glendale has an enrolment of over one thousand students approximately 18 percent who are registered as English Language Learners. There are more than 50 languages spoken in the school and more than 50 percent of students speak a language other than English in their homes.

Glendale is a composite secondary school offering a full range of programs to meet the needs of its diverse student community. Glendale runs Pathways programs in a number of subject areas that prepare students for all possible destinations within a sector.

Glendale has a full range of co-curricular activities in athletics and clubs. It runs a nutrition program and a walk-in closet.

A wide range of Transition activities with our feeder schools allow grade 8 students many opportunities to get to know Glendale. Transition supports for grade 9 students include a connection to at least one Caring Adult at Glendale.

Programs & Services

Student Success Supports

  • On campus Alternative Education programs
  • Complete-a-credit/Credit Recovery programs
  • Experiential Learning program
  • At-risk coop program
  • Caring Adult Program
  • Transition Support
  • Learning Resource
  • ESL Resource
  • After school literacy

Program Highlights

  • Full range of academic and optional courses, including OSSLC
  • Full range ELL program, including Sheltered Instruction
  • Pathways programs leading to apprenticeships, articulation with Mohawk College or certification
  • Full range Co-operative education/ Experiential Learning program
  • Interdisciplinary Studies courses

Clubs/Extracurricular Activities (please check with the main office to see which clubs and sports are running this year)

  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Concert Band
  • Dance Team
  • Film Club
  • French Club
  • Grade 9 Girls Group
  • ESL Homework Club
  • Health Action Team
  • Jazz Band
  • Makers Club
  • Positive Space
  • Reach for the Top
  • Robotics
  • Show Choir and VIBE
  • STEP (Student Transition and Education Program)
  • SWAT Team (Spoken Word Arts Team)
  • Student Council
  • Ursa Major Productions
  • Walk-In Closet
  • Yearbook Club


  • Basketball (Midget, Jr. & Sr. teams)
  • Football (Midget, Jr. & Sr. teams)
  • Touch Football
  • Field Hockey
  • Volleyball (Jr. & Sr. teams)
  • Badminton (Jr. & Sr. teams)
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Cross Country
  • Cricket
  • Softball (girls)

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

Supporting the needs of all learners is a focus for all staff at Glendale. A wide range of programs are available to meet the diverse learning needs of our students. Flexibility within and between programs allows us to meet individual student need
Active learning is promoted in all areas and programs. Use of technology in the classroom encourages this active learning. Staff are engaged in numerous action research projects to improve learning in all classrooms.

Environment Focus

Glendale has a Health Action Team that oversees a number of initiatives promoting health and well-being for all members of the school community. Current initiatives include:

  • Healthy Eating Action Team

Initiatives being developed include:

  • Eat Smart cafeteria
  • CAMH – Open Doors

Parent & Community Involvement


  • Coaches in various team sports
  • Community Partners- Public Health, CATCH, Various Businesses
  • Experiential Learning Students in many local businesses
  • Exploring our Community Fair


  • School Council-8 members
  • Parental involvement in curricular and extra-curricular initiatives
  • Park and property beautification
  • Social Planning and Research Council Involvement
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